31 1234 movies Alternatives for 2023 – Legitimate Sites to Stream Movies & Series

by Sachin

1234 Movies, or sometimes referred to as “GoMovies” is a piracy website that hosts unauthorized content such as movies and series. 1234 Movies has been dubbed one of the most popular streaming websites in the world, with it.

Millions of users log onto the site every day to enjoy all the free movies and series available – most of which are illegally shared without permission from copyright holders.

With 1234 Movies now closed down, searching for alternative streaming sites can be a challenge. In this article we will look at 31 legitimate alternatives to 1234 movies so that you can watch your favorite movies and series legally in 2023!

1234 movies

Current Status of 1234 Movies in 2023

In 2020, two massive takedown efforts from Vietnamese authorities and the FBI shut down 1234 Movies once and for all. This made it impossible to stream any content on this site anymore.

There are some fake copies of the original 1234 Movies that have appeared over the years but they tend not to last very long due to their illegal activities being tracked more closely by international law enforcement agencies including Interpol.

As such, finding an alternative streaming website has become essential for people who want to watch movies and series online in 2023.

Best 31 Alternatives for 1234 Movies


Destination Link: movie4k.to

Movie4K is one of the best alternatives to 1234 Movies, offering an extensive library of movies, series, and documentaries.

The website is well organized with content easy to find using intuitive navigation features such as Genres, Year or Country. The player is also sleek and fast, allowing you to watch movies without any buffering issues.

Additionally, users can find HD content along with subtitles in multiple languages making this one of the best streaming sites around.


Destination Link: primewire.ag

Next on our list is Primerwire which has been public since 2015 and receives millions of visitors every day for its free movie streaming services. There are plenty of options when it comes to watching movies online here, as the website caters for a range of films – from classic oldies through to new releases.

The website also features movie ratings and interesting details about each title which is great if you are looking for something specific.

Los MoviesLos Movies

Destination Link: losmovies.com

Los Movies is another popular streaming site providing users with free content that spans multiple genres and cater all types of audience. This streaming site predominantly focusses on English movie releases but also offers content from French, Spanish and German respectively.

The site is well organized with intuitive menus for quickly switching between optional filters which make it easy to find different movies or TV shows.

Yify TVYify TV

Destination Link:yify.tv

Youtube may be the most known streaming website around the world but Yify Tv can’t be forgotten either! It used to be a peer-to-peer file sharing system , now a great streaming website offering countless of movies and shows in HD quality.

The site is well organized with intuitive menus for quickly switching between genres to make it easy to find different movies or TV shows. Moreover, Yify also boast impressive selection of documentaries, stand-up comedy sets and adventure films too!


Destination Link: m4ufree.tv

M4UFee not only offers an abundance of free full-feature length movies but the website also present its audience with a decent selection of tv- shows, as well.

Due to the active filters on this streaming site you can easily search for films according to genres, countries and other properties which make M4UFree one of the best alternatives for 1234 Movies.


Destination Link: rainierland.is

RainerLand is an online movie streaming website that offers more than just movies.

It also has TV series and anime titles available in abundance! The great thing about mind-blowing RainerLand library is that it includes a large selection of HD movies to choose from. You’ll find classic films, new releases and obscure titles all in one place on the site.


Destination Link: sockshare.net

If you are looking for an alternative streaming website then SockShare should be your first port of call! It provides quick access to thousands of movies and tv shows without any annoying ads or pop -ups. Not to mention, its library of contents is updated regularly with new releases so you won’t get bored easily!

Sockshare also boast on offer HD titles along with subtitles in different languages are available for added comfort while streaming.


Destination Link: movieninja.to

MovieNinja has quickly become one of the most sought-after alternatives to 1234 Movies as it provides users access to thousands of movies and series in Crystal clear HD quality.

Furthermore, the website also provides a comprehensive list of oldest to newest movie releases making it easier for users to find their favourite titles without too much fuss. MovieNinja has an excellent user-friendly interface with bold colours and clear visibility while browsing through its content library!


Destination Link: streamlikers.com

Streamlikers is another great alternative for 1234 Movies featuring movies not only from rom- coms genre but also from action, horror and adventure genres – all free of charge. This streaming website has a simple user interface making it easy for anyone to find content within seconds with minimal effort.

Streamlikers also offer HD titles on its extensive library along with subtitles in many languages!


Destination Link: seehd.uno

Next up is SeeHD which offers an impressive selection of movies accompanied by several amazing features such as live streaming links , IMdb ratings and much more.

The website includes a wide range of films and tv shows along with their brief summaries which is great for getting an idea about the real content before streaming it live or downloading it on your device.


Destination Link: bmovies.to

BMovies has quickly become one of the most popular 1234 Movies alternatives because of its user-friendly design and minimalistic approach to movie streaming experience. Unlike other streaming sites, BMoves doesn’t require its users to create an account in order to access the content – so is ideal if you are looking for something fast and easy.

The website has a massive library of movie titles that can easily sorted using type, year or genre filters making it much easier to find favourite movies without fuss!


Destination Link: moviewatcher.is

Another great alternative streaming site is MovieWatcher which allows viewers from all corners of the world to watch their favorite movies without any ads or pop-ups. The website has a well organised library of movie and television content sorted alphabetically that allows users to jump quickly between types, genre and year filters .

MovieWatcher is absolutely free with no need for registration as well, so there’s really nothing stopping you from taking a look at what it offers!


Destination Link: iomovies.to

IOMovies is similar to 1234 Movies as it provides users access to a vast library of movies and series from around the world. It’s nice to note that this streaming site boosts decent selection of recent releases alongside some oldies so there is something here for everyone!

The interface design is simple with good visibility making it easier to navigate between different genres quickly without any hassle.


Destination Link: moviesjoy.net

If you are looking for an alternative streaming website then MoviesJoy should be at the top of your to-do list. It offers an abundance of free high quality movies without any signup or registration needed – which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time on complicated procedures just to watch something good!

The library of Moviesjoy consists of all genres so you can choose what movie or tv show fits your mood better as soon as you land on its homepage.


Destination Link: movie25.me

Movie25 can often be forgotten when discussing streaming sites, but the amount of free movies available on this site shouldn’t go unnoticed. It has a comprehensive library that covers all genres, from classic films through to recently released blockbusters making it ideal if you are looking for something specific and new.

The streaming quality is good too – with HD versions available in many cases-and navigation across different sections simple thanks to intuitive menus!


Destination Link: watch32.is

Watch32 is an excellent alternative to 1234 Movies that boils down in providing some big selection of movies and series for free with no registration required at all .

The intuitive design makes navigation on the website straightforward and ease, while its massive library boosted from countless genres giving viewers enough room to choose their favourite titles without too much frustration. What’s more Watch32 also offers movies with subtitles for added comfort!


Destination Link: couchtuner2.com

CouchTuner hailed as one of the best alternatives to 1234 Movies for its comprehensive library consisting of movies, series and documentaries aside from streaming services . The website is well organized with intuitive menus making navigation fast and effortless giving users access to plenty of content within seconds!

Furthermore CouchTuner has options enabling viewers find exactly what they’re looking for via specific keywords which makes searching much quicker indeed!


Destination Link: zmovies.cc

ZMovies is a great alternative streaming website featuring an array of genres ranging from horror to romantic comedies and everything in between! It has an excellent user interface design with good navigation features that allow customers to quickly jump between movie types , languages and year releases .

The library also contains HD movies along with subs for added convenience while watching the content here.


Destination Link: projectfreetv.fun

ProjectFreeTV has been around for quiet a long time now and it still remains one of the most popular streaming websites in 2023. It offers an array of movies spanning multiple genres alongside some amazing TV series that can be watched without signing up .

Those with larger data allowances may enjoy the fact this site also provides HD streams , so you won’t have to worry about poor viewing experience when watching their favorite films or shows here!

Cine BloomCine Bloom

Destination Link: cinebloom.com

CineBlooms is another great 1234 Movies alternative that offers free streaming services with no ads or pop-ups to its viewers around the world . It has one of the biggest libraries featuring a decent selection of movies and series, all neatly sorted into categories for easy navigation when switching between different genres, countries or type filters.

The website also provides HD streams in some cases which further improve viewing experience!


Destination Link: fmovies.to

Fmovies is one of the most popular streaming sites online, offering an extensive library of movies and series for free with no registration needed at all. The site has a smooth interface that makes navigating between genres fast and easy while its library contains tons of HD titles to choose from!

Additionally, it provides users with direct download access so they can save their favorite content on their devices without hassle.


Destination Link: putlocker.is

Putlocker is another great alternative to 1234 Movies that offers plenty of movie titles and series in HD resolution. It has a simple user interface which makes navigation between genres intuitive making it quick and easy for everyone to find something new here.

The streaming quality on this website is superb with no buffering or lag issues – making it one of the most preferred sites around!


Destination Link: solarmovie.sc

SolarMovie is regarded as leaders in online video entertainment offering its viewers comprehensive library of movies, tv shows and documentaries with superb streaming quality. This site is easy to use and doesn’t require any registration which makes it a great destination for everyone looking for hassle free movie experience.

Furthermore, SolarMovie also provide subtitles in different languages as well so viewers can enjoy their favorite titles without worrying about language barriers!


Destination Link: gomovies.to

GoMovies has become one of the most popular 1234 Movies alternatives due its intuitive interface that provides users with fast access to content within seconds. The library here contains some older titles as well as more recent releases to choose from with many of them available in HD.

Additionally, the site also support subtitles meaning viewers can enjoy their favorite content without worrying about language differences hindering their experience!


Destination Link: yesmovies.to

YesMovies is another great alternative due its huge library which host thousands of movie and tv series titles all for free ! The sleek navigation system make it easy to jump between genres quickly without any lag or buffering issues making this website ideal for those seeking quick access to good content.

YesMovies also boast some recent releases which can be enjoyed with subtitles too for added comfort no matter home language you speak!


Destination Link: watchfree.to

WatchFree is an excellent streaming site that contains a vast library of movies and series in HD resolution making it suitable for just about everyone looking for watching good quality videos online!

This site is well organized with intuitive navigation menus – allowing users to switch between genres, latest titles or recommended films quickly without any hiccups.


Destination Link: vumoo.to

Vumoois a user friendly website that offers a decently sized library of movies and series in HD quality for free with no registration or sign-up required at all!

It has one of the most classic interfaces where viewers can look up titles alphabetically, search them by popularity or filter films according to their type and year released which makes it ideal for anyone looking something specific on this site !


Destination Link: popcornflix.com

Popcornflix is a popular streaming site that provides new releases, classic films and tv shows all for free ! This website has an impressive library with plenty content to choose from that can be enjoyed in HD resolution. Furthermore , Popcornflix also offers movie trailers prior to viewing any content on its platform so viewers have better idea of what they’re watching!


Destination Link: afdah.info

Afdahis another great alternative offering user access to thousands of movies along side some amazing TV shows! It has a simple and user friendly interface with navigation menus allowing viewers to quickly jump between genres without any buffering or lag issues .

The library here contains HD titles in many cases which makes watching films much more enjoyable experience indeed!


Destination Link: snagfilms.com

SnagFilms is yet another 1234 Movies alternative featuring ample amount of movies, series and documentaries from different genre for free ! This streaming site boasts an extensive library containing some of the oldest classics to brand new recent releases making it suitable for even the pickiest viewers out there.

What’s more, SnagFilms also provides some interesting documentaries on its platform that could be watched with subtitles if necessary!


In conclusion, 1234 Movies was a popular streaming website that allowed people to watch movies and series for free, however due to its illegal content distribution the authorities shut it down in 2020. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite films anymore as there are 31 alternative sites listed here that provide free content without infringing copyright laws. All of which have intuitive interfaces and comprehensive libraries offering plenty of quality HD streams!


What is 1234 Movies?

1234 Movies was a popular streaming website that allowed people to watch movies and series online for free. It had become one of the biggest sites on the internet, with millions of users visiting each day. However, in 2020 authorities shut down this site due to its unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content.

Is 1234 Movies legal?

No, 1234 Movies is an illegal streaming website and using it could lead to throttling of your internet service or even legal action. It is better to use one of the 31 alternative sites that are listed in this article.

Are there any safe alternatives to 1234 Movies?

Yes, there are many lawful streaming websites available online such as Fmovies or Putlocker which provide free content without infringing copyright laws.

Can I watch movies on 1234 Movies?

No, as the site has been shut down for good in 2020. Fortunately, there are many alternative sites that you can use to watch your favorite films and series online.

Do all of these alternatives offer HD content?

Yes, most of the alternatives listed here provide users with access to HD content which further improves their streaming experience .

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