Best Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

by Ravikant Chouhan

Mobile App Development Tools And Trends In 2018

Today, the mobile apps are getting wider in numbers and still counting. The mobile apps have been in trends as people around the world are using mobile apps. To make apps market more strong, the latest technology trends like AR, VR, IoT, etc, have been introduced which would be considered as an excellent result. Furthermore, several small businesses or entrepreneurs are adopting these newest technology trends to build dynamic mobile applications.

The mobile app development is in trend now. Whether you are a developer or an intern, there is no need for extra skills to learn the code for an app. In the recent time, various tools are available over the internet that will boost your knowledge more about mobile app development.

Top mobile app development trends in 2018

1) Wearable App

The Wearable Apps are constantly making their position in the application market. The wearable things like healthcare devices, smart watches, activity trackers, smart glasses, automotive industry and smart cities are becoming more useful in daily life. IoT (Internet of Things) that was introduced in 2017 will take some time to capture the market. Apple’s Smart Watch becomes the choice of teens, whereas Google is planning to release something new to the users.

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2) Mobile Payments

A number of payments through mobile app have been seen in the recent time, and still growing. Moreover, several mobile payment applications are running in the market, whereas Apple Pay and Google Wallet have gained their popularity by introducing online payment options through internet banking and debit/credit card. Samsung Mobile has come with its most amazing payment feature, scan and pay through Samsung Pay.

3) Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps was introduced by Google at Google I/O in 2016. The main aim of the Instant Apps is to provide the facility to user to use the app without downloading it on the device. Mostly, the users install the apps from App Store that they really want and retain the device storage.

4) Lazy Loading and AMP

Lazy Loading and AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) are a concept that is introduced by Google and Twitter to increase the speed and performance of the mobile apps. This concept of Lazy Loading is based on on-demand loading that the user actually wants to see rather than loading all unnecessary objects.

Using AMP, a mobile version of the web page is created to make the app faster and responsive. This technique might come in trend in the upcoming year.

5) Internet of Things

The IoT (Internet of Things) is the most advanced technology introduced by the Google. It comes to the use of technologies in non-IT devices to enable automation, remote control, and monitoring. 2018 would be the year of all these technologies.

The IoT will help in industries like automaker, real estate, hotels and other companies. Moreover, it would be very helpful in deep learning, image recognition, and natural language, whereas it is also running on mobile devices to syndicate data.

6) Cloud Computing

The cloud computing has a lot of benefits that can help the industries in many ways. It makes our task easier by storing or getting data in the cloud. It also helps in processing the heavy tasks in mobile. According to the research, the global market for cloud computing has grown around $ 178 billion this year, while it was $ 146 billion in 2017.

Furthermore, the cloud computing and apps have made their connection with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) methodology that would be very helpful for the industries.

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7) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, it is yet another trend for the year. The e-commerce businesses have emerged by using the benefits of it. 2017 was the year of many inventions like Siri, Alexa, and Prisma, whereas the Artificial Intelligence-based mobile application will capture the global market in the upcoming year. The Artificial Intelligence has introduced many features in the mobile applications to make the apps smarter.

8) AR/VR App Development

The gaming applications are in trend. The gaming applications have made for the use of AR/VR. The apps will help the industries like educations, healthcare, automobile, real estate and much more. The AR/VR is your mobile apps will increase your productivity.

9) Application Security

Security is the primary concern for the business owner as nowadays numbers of online transactions have been seen using mobile apps. To make online payments secure, the app development companies have made significant updates like code encryption, secure back-end, and API in the mobile apps.

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