6 digital marketing trends worth paying attention in 2020

by Shawn Marshall

Time is changing as well as the digital marketing trends. These trends have been dominating the marketing business.

Here are some trends that will be dominating the marketing industry in 2020.

1) Advertisement personalization

Personalized advertising is a very popular marketing technique, and its use will only increase in 2020. You may have noticed that the sponsored ads that appear while you are going through your Facebook or Instagram are usually of product that you have searched for recently.

The advertisements your customers receive are personalized according to their researches this makes sure that they interact only with the advertisements that concern them. Applying this technique to your marketing strategy can do wonders for your customer engagement rate.

2) Compatibility on mobile devices

The age of using desktops is ending as almost everything that can be done on a computer can be done on a smartphone. A majority of people are connected to the internet through their mobile devices in fact according to a study about two-thirds of search requests received by Google servers come through mobile devices.

So, the mobile compatibility of your websites and your marketing ads is very important and necessary, and any business that does not optimize for mobile users will not be able to compete shortly.

3) Marketing through influential social media personalities

Influencers are social media personalities that have some following or influence on people. Getting these people to promote your products or services can significantly increase the engagement rate of your customers.

An example of these videos is unboxing videos that can be found in abundance on YouTube and other social media websites. The followers of these social media personalities trust the views of said personalities. This method can contribute greatly to the improvement of your marketing videos.

4) Advertisement through Instagram

Nowadays Social media advancements are very fast. Instagram is the best place for online advertisement. In fact, it has the highest customer response rate as compared to any other website. The response or customer engagement rate of customers on Instagram is 40 percent higher than Twitter, and it is also 45 percent higher than Facebook.

So, get on Instagram and make a profile for your business or you can also invest in sponsored Instagram advertisements because there is no doubt that social media advertising is the future of marketing. This is a strategy that you have to start using in 2020 if you wish to compete.

5) In-App advertisement

The trend of In-App advertisement has been growing recently, and it is expected to gain considerable momentum in 2020. In those App Marketing strategies, certain incentives are gifted to app users for viewing adds for example in many online games you can receive certain paid items like gold or energy for watching advertisement videos.

The promise of these incentives makes the viewer’s focus more on the advertisement, and as a result of the response rate of your customers also increases significantly.

6) Traditional and native advertising

The appearance of traditional advertising in this list, of course, seems highly out of place. But the methods of native marketing will also be coming back in 2020. This is primarily because the use of ad-blocking apps and software has increased.

And also there is such an abundance of advertisement on the web that it is getting annoying and even the creative advertisements get neglected. In the primary sector of your marketing budget should be invested in online marketing but you should also set aside some funds for traditional marketing strategies.

You should try to get some television broadcast ads or even rent a billboard or two to get your word out there.

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