34 LimeTorrents Alternatives for 2023 – The Ultimate Guide

by Sachin

LimeTorrents is a popular online torrenting site that has been around since 2009. The website lets users search through millions of BitTorrent files and even offers magnet links to assist in downloading them quickly.

Despite its popularity, LimeTorrentsss has had a spotty history over the years due to various domain name changes, such as LimeTorrentsss.cc and LimeTorrentsss.lol 12; furthermore, some users have reported issues with the website not refreshing properly or displaying old data 1.

Law enforcement often frowns on torrenting, as it can be used to download copyrighted material illegally. Users need to understand the risks involved when engaging in such activity; additionally, some jurisdictions might deem torrenting illegal, so it’s best to refer to your local laws before downloading.


Current Status of LimeTorrentss in 2023

At the time of writing, LimeTorrentsss remains a popular free torrent website. Despite its site stability and reliability issues1 over the years, users still find plenty of value in downloading files via its platform as it offers millions of different content pieces to choose from12.

For those looking for something new or alternative options outside LimeTorrentsss, this article lists 34 of the best LimeTorrentss alternative websites in 2023.

34 Best LimeTorrentss Alternatives for 2023


The Demonoid torrent website has been around since 2003 and is still one of the most popular torrent download options. The website is well-designed and easy to use, making finding what you need very simple; additionally, the interface is quite user-friendly.


TorrentFunk was first launched in 2009 and has become one of the top choices for downloaders looking for high-quality magnet links. The website has a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making finding the torrent file you need simple.


TorLock is another popular torrent indexer that first emerged in 2010, although it has since changed domains several times until now11. It offers users access to more than 6 million verified magnet files from its library – making it one of the biggest torrenting websites in 2023.


EZTV has been around since 2005 and is known for offering a massive selection of quality TV shows. On top of that, users can use the website’s subscription service to track their favorite series and receive notifications whenever new episodes are available.


YIFI’s torrent website, YTS.rs, is a great place to find the latest movies and TV shows in HD or 4K quality without waiting too long to download.


This is a metasearch engine for torrents with millions of magnet links and boasts the tagline “Improved Quality From Everywhere”. It offers users an impressive array of content worldwide, including music, movies, TV shows and software.


Otherwise known as Nyaa.se, this BitTorrent website is one of the oldest on the web and specializes in Japanese anime content with a vast selection available to download measurable quality.


Founded in 2008, YourBittorrent is now considered one of the most popular torrent websites. It’s straightforward to use, displays relevant information at a glance and offers users access to millions of magnet links.


Like most other BitTorrent sites, iDope is known for its vast content selection; the website has more than 18 million verified torrents available for download 8. It also features an integrated media player to give users an easier way of accessing the content they want.


BTScene offers a wide selection of movie and music torrents, with many being available in high-definition quality. It has a very modern interface that some find quite enjoyable and also supports magnet links.


Listed as the “Official clone of LimeTorrentsss”, this website is almost identical to its parent 2. It has content sourced from many other BitTorrent websites and an extensive database filled with millions of magnet links.


This website has been around since 2005 and provides users access to an extensive library of verified torrents. It offers its users a well-organized front page with multiple categories, making searching for content easy.


Monova is another classic torrenting option established in 2007 and has since enjoyed immense popularity over the years. The website offers a great selection of content with millions of verified torrents available for download.


One of the most popular BitTorrent sites, SeedPeer, dates back to 2005 and is known for providing a user-friendly interface that makes searching through its library easy 6.


Torrent Galaxy is the new replacement of Torrentz2 and burst onto the BitTorrent scene in 2021; it offers a great selection of torrents with an easy-to-use interface that makes searching painless.


This torrenting platform was established in 2003 and has since enjoyed great success and sustains a reputation as one of the most dependable download options. Offering an extensive selection of different content, Torrent Reactor is well worth checking out.


Otherwise known as Toorgle, this search engine allows users to index more than 450 torrent websites; it’s an excellent option for quickly discovering unique content.


Launched in 2011, Glo Torrents is a BitTorrent indexer that provides users access to an extensive library of magnet links with millions of files available at any given time.


This website started in 2018 and has quickly become a leader for content from the world of digital media, with more than eight million magnet sources available to its users.


This relatively new torrenting site offers an impressive selection of content pieces that can be downloaded via magnet link.


The last entry on this list is BittSnoop, a BitTorrent indexer that is one of the largest for its kind, with more than 35 million verified sources available for download.

The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is known as one of the ‘original’ torrent websites to launch and has been around since 200316. As of 2023, it still proves to be a popular choice for downloading content – though it does face its fair share of tabling legal issues/combat changing regulations.


1337X began gaining traction in 2015 and is now one of the go-to sites for many downloaders17. It has an extensive library of over 50 million torrents, all verified by staff18. Additionally, it’s considered a relatively safe website with low chances of being corrupted or infected.


BTDigg is not quite as popular as the previous two alternatives but still offers users a fair amount of content with its library 24. It gained particular popularity due to its lightweight user interface, efficient search engine and several filtering features, which made finding quality content very easy.


Officially operated by YIFI, this BitTorrent website offers users an extensive selection of HD and 4K resolution9 movies. It also has an impressive modern interface, which is simple to use and looks excellent simultaneously 10.


This defunct torrent indexer first emerged in 2003, when BitTorrent was still reasonably young but established itself as a reliable option in the years after 15. The website had more than 14 million files active from 15 torrent domains25.


This well-known platform gained immense popularity when it was first established in 2006 and now boasts over 65 million verified torrents 21. It has an extensive library of content, including movies, TV shows and video games – all eligible for free downloading.


This website is one of the most potent meta-search engines for torrents and has existed since 201622. It pulls from 450 different BitTorrent websites to offer its users a wealth of magnet links; in addition, it also uses unique hashes that allow downloaders to locate content faster and easier than ever.


This popular BitTorrent website has existed since 2008 and offers users access to a vast content library. Kickass Torrents is best known for its reliable search engine, security features and intuitive user interface – making it one of the most well-known alternatives in 2023.


Zooqle is one of the more recent torrent websites to hit the scene but has quickly become a favorite for users looking for content from top studios20. It boasts an extensive library of different movies and TV shows with high-quality downloads.


RARBG was first released in 2008 and has since grown to become one of the most popular download sites. It is constantly updated with new content, making it a great alternative to LimeTorrents in 2023.


Torrent Downloads was founded in 2003 and is still considered one of the go-to sources for torrent files19. Its immense library offers users a wide selection of content pieces, with most available in HD or 4K quality.


While LimeTorrents remains a popular choice in 2023 for users looking to download files via BitTorrent, the website is far from perfect and has experienced its fair share of setbacks over the years. Fortunately, dozens of other reliable torrenting options are available to users looking for an alternative, with the thirty-four listed here being some of the top candidates in 2023.


Is it legal to download from limetorrents?

It depends on your local laws. In some jurisdictions, downloading via BitTorrent is illegal and can result in heavy fines or jail time.

What are the best LimeTorr ents alternatives?

The best LimeTorrents alternatives are Demonoid, TorrentFunk, and YTS. rs, EZTV and iDope.

Is using a VPN with Limetorrent recommended?

Yes. Using a VPN can help protect your online privacy and provide an extra layer of security when downloading content from Limetorrents.

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