[SOLVED] Right Airpod Not Working – 5 Essential Strategies for 2023

by Sachin


  • Understand the common reasons for the right AirPod not functioning.
  • Step-by-step methods to restore AirPod functionality.
  • Interactive visual guides for seamless troubleshooting.
  • Prevention measures for future issues.
  • External support when all methods fail.

Right Airpod Not Working

What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the Right Airpod Not Working Issue?

In an ideal world, every user would enjoy uninterrupted audio streaming from both their left and right AirPods. Clear communication during calls, balanced sound for music, and the overall enhancement of the listening experience is expected. Missing audio from one AirPod disrupts this balanced experience, emphasizing the importance of finding a solution.

Case Study: When Does the Right Airpod Not Working Error Happen?

John’s experience is not unique. Many users have reported similar challenges, often arising after software updates or long periods of use. The issue’s randomness can be particularly vexing, as it doesn’t always correlate to misuse or evident damage.

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures?

It’s crucial to begin by verifying the basics. Check if there’s a physical obstruction like earwax or debris on the AirPod. Sometimes, a simple cleaning can restore the AirPod’s functionality.

Next, ensure your device’s Bluetooth is functioning correctly. Sometimes, the issue lies not with the AirPods but with the device they’re connected to.

Initial Diagnosis

The Significance of Rectifying Right Airpod Not Working:

While it might seem like a minor inconvenience, a malfunctioning AirPod affects more than just your music experience. For those who rely on AirPods for business calls or during commutes, a non-functional AirPod can severely disrupt daily routines and productivity.

Interactive Guide: 5 Functional Strategies to Address Right Airpod Not Working:

SOLUTION 1: Resetting AirPods

  • Ensure both AirPods are in the case and close the lid. Wait 15-20 seconds, then open the lid.
  • On your iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods, then tap “Forget This Device”.
  • With the AirPods in the open case, press and hold the button on the back until the white light flashes.
  • Reconnect the AirPods to your device.

Resetting AirPods Steps

SOLUTION 2: Check the Charging Case

  • It’s not just the AirPods that need a charge. A malfunctioning case can lead to one or both AirPods not charging.
  • Ensure the case’s charging port is clean and free from debris.
  • Try using a different charging cable and charger.

AirPods Charging Case Battery Level

SOLUTION 3: Update Software

Regular updates can prevent glitches. Make sure your device’s OS and the AirPods firmware are up-to-date. If you’ve missed any updates, this might be causing the issue.

Update iOS Software

SOLUTION 4: Check the Audio Balance

There’s a chance the audio balance might have shifted. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and ensure the balance is centered.

Audio Balance iPhone Settings

SOLUTION 5: Reach Out to Support

Apple’s support team is trained to handle such issues. If the problem persists after trying all the above methods, it might be time to consult the experts. They can offer solutions tailored to your specific situation or provide replacement options if needed.

Contact Apple Support

How to Prevent the “Right Airpod Not Working” Error in the Future

Prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance of your AirPods ensures they function optimally and reduces the chances of facing issues.

  • Clean your AirPods and the charging case with a soft, lint-free cloth every week.
  • Ensure your device’s Bluetooth settings are optimized for AirPod connectivity.
  • Regularly update the device’s OS and AirPod firmware.

Final Thoughts:

A malfunctioning AirPod can disrupt your daily routine, but with the above solutions, you’re well-equipped to handle such issues. With regular maintenance and updates, you can enjoy uninterrupted audio for years to come.


Why does AirPods stop working on one side?

The culprits can range from battery issues, dirt or earwax blocking the sensors, audio settings imbalance, or software glitches. Diagnosing the root cause is the key to finding the right solution.

How long do AirPods last before they start giving problems?

Typically, with good care and regular maintenance, AirPods can function effectively for several years. However, battery degradation can start after two years, which might lead to reduced playtime or other issues.

Is there a warranty on AirPods?

Yes, Apple offers a one-year warranty on AirPods, which covers manufacturing defects. However, damage due to misuse or accidents isn’t included.

Can I buy a single right AirPod?

Apple understands that accidents happen. If you’ve lost or damaged one AirPod, you can purchase a single replacement without buying an entirely new set.

How often should I clean my AirPods?

Cleaning AirPods every week ensures optimal performance. This routine prevents earwax or debris buildup which can affect audio quality.

Is it harmful to use AirPods that have been exposed to water?

While the AirPods Pro has some water resistance, the regular AirPods don’t. If exposed to water, ensure they’re completely dry before use. Using wet AirPods can damage them or affect audio quality.

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