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by Sachin


  • Using strikethrough on Mac doesn’t have a direct shortcut by default, but it can be easily customized.
  • Setting up a universal shortcut might override application-specific ones. This means that while you might gain functionality in one application, you might lose it in another.
  • Following a step-by-step guide can ease the process for users, minimizing errors and maximizing convenience.
  • It’s essential to check for system updates to ensure functionality periodically. As software updates are released, potential conflicts or new features might be introduced.

What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the Strikethrough Shortcut Mac Issue?

Imagine a scenario where any time you need to strike text on your Mac, a simple keystroke handles it. The ideal scenario would be seamless text formatting in any app on a Mac without having to search for the strikethrough option each time manually. This eliminates distractions and streamlines your writing or editing process.

Ideal Scenario Without the Strikethrough Shortcut Mac

Case Study: When Does the Strikethrough Shortcut Mac Error Happen?

James, a content writer, had to use the strikethrough feature for his edits consistently. He manually selected the text each time and clicked on the strikethrough icon. This repetitive process became time-consuming, reducing his hourly output and making tasks more tedious than necessary.

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures?

  • Restart your Mac to ensure there’s no temporary glitch causing the feature to malfunction.
  • Check if the app in question supports text formatting features like strikethrough. Not all applications will support every text formatting feature natively.

Initial Diagnosis Strikethrough Shortcut Mac

The Significance of Rectifying Strikethrough Shortcut Mac:

By addressing the strikethrough shortcut issue on Mac, users can enhance their text-editing efficiency, save valuable time, and avoid repetitive tasks that disrupt workflow. This not only aids in productivity but also ensures a smoother user experience overall.

Interactive Guide: 2 Functional Strategies to Address Strikethrough Shortcut Mac:

SOLUTION 1: Setting a Custom Shortcut for Strikethrough

  1. Go to System Preferences.
  2. Navigate to Keyboard and then the Shortcuts tab.
  3. Select App Shortcuts on the left pane.
  4. Click on the + sign.
  5. You can choose a specific app or opt for all applications in the dropdown menu.
  6. For the menu title, type Strikethrough.
  7. Set your desired key combination for the shortcut. Ensure it doesn’t conflict with existing shortcuts to avoid overriding them.

Setting a Custom Shortcut for Strikethrough

SOLUTION 2: Using External Software for Text Formatting

Several third-party applications available on the market can help users quickly format their text, including adding a strikethrough. These tools offer enhanced flexibility and additional features beyond what’s natively available. Research and choose one that suits your needs best, looking at user reviews and compatibility with your Mac version.

External Software for Text Formatting

How to Prevent Strikethrough Shortcut Mac Error in the Future

Regularly check for software updates, often with added functionalities and shortcuts. This ensures you’re using your software’s latest and most stable version. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with other Mac shortcuts to improve efficiency and workflow. Staying informed can help you prevent similar issues in the future.


Addressing the strikethrough shortcut issue is more than just convenience – it’s about optimizing your Mac experience for efficiency. Whether you’re a professional writer or occasionally need text editing, having the right shortcuts can make a big difference. Consider external software solutions for more advanced text editing needs, and always ensure your system is updated.


1. Can I set a strikethrough shortcut for specific apps only?

Yes, when setting up a custom shortcut in Mac’s System Preferences, you can specify which app it applies to. This means you can have different shortcuts for different apps if needed.

2. Why doesn’t Mac have a default strikethrough shortcut?

Mac offers a plethora of shortcuts out of the box, but it’s impossible to account for every user’s specific needs. While Mac does have several built-in shortcuts, some functionalities like strikethrough need to be set manually by the user to ensure a customized experience.

3. Are there any risks involved in setting a universal shortcut?

Yes, setting a shortcut universally for all applications might override app-specific shortcuts. This can disrupt functionality in some applications. It’s essential to be cautious and test thoroughly after setting up a universal shortcut to ensure no critical functions are overridden.

4. Can software updates affect my custom shortcuts?

Typically, software updates aim to improve the user experience and shouldn’t interfere with personal settings. However, updates could introduce new features or shortcuts that might conflict with your custom settings. Thus, checking your shortcuts after any significant update is always a good practice.

5. How do I remove a custom shortcut?

Removing or modifying a custom shortcut is straightforward. Navigate to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. From there, you can easily remove or change your existing shortcut listings. Suppose a shortcut is causing problems or is no longer necessary. In that case, it’s a good idea to modify it to a more convenient key combination or remove it to avoid potential conflicts.

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