Top 5 Best Augmented Reality Game Apps for Android and iOS

by Colleen Jansen

Augmented reality refers to the augmentation of our real-world using computer-technology; in simple words, it converts our physical world by adding layers of digital information onto it. Using our phone’s camera or other sensors the AR gaming Apps gives us a more enhanced experience of our environment.

The word “augmented” itself sounds more intense that means to increase something by the addition of something to it. AR does not create the whole artificial environments to replace real with the virtual one. Rather it tries to explore the real world with the assistance of technology.

AR adds sounds, videos, and graphics to the existing environment. And this is the reason why AR is one that is more likely to be used in the gaming world. It is more comfortable using AR amongst a public place or in a living room. Here are top five gaming Apps discussed below.

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Pokemon Go 

When we talk about best AR apps our list is incomplete without mentioning Niantic’s Pokémon Go. The game App that gave reason to go out into the world, walk around, and catch Pokémon.

  • Pokémon Go became the game avatar in gaming era.
  • The help of GPS to mark the location
  • Don’t Crash down and likewise didn’t let down the users.
  • Provided simple information without much complexity.

Ingress Prime

Creating curiosity among users, Ingress prime pushed many players to leave their comfort zone. In order to capture control points near a place of interest, players wandered around in the real world. With the new height of creativity, developers decide to bring new mechanics, better graphics, and advanced game strategies.

The app usually looks for near popular real-world places around you, such as statues, monuments, and parks, etc. Thereby you’ll get items to aid you with your missions and higher targets.  The level and upgrade system decide how easy it will be to capture the portals.

  • Explore the real world and fight for its future.
  • Teammate with others to succeed.
  • Travel around to capture energy from portals.

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Here comes another one DinoMess which is a blend of collectible and PVP fighting game. Talking about the gaming app, you just need to move around to search and collect fierce dinosaurs. And the interesting part is that you can use them for arena battles. There are total 19 types of dinosaurs and to power up your dinosaurs you can use DNA.

To make the game interesting visual effects and features like evolution, egg hatching, daily tasks, and supplies, etc are added. Apart from that you can also chat with your friends and invite them to go on a dinosaur collection hunt.

AR Dragon

These types of games are not new in the market. But AR Dragon brings your virtual pet to reality so close than ever before. Though we can see games like this in Google Play and AppStore AR Dragon is in attendance. App features allow players to interact with a Virtual dragon in the house, or outside.

  • The most innocent game ever.
  • Look how your own dragon grows while time passes.
  • Virtual Pet and feed it when it is hungry.

 Garfield GO

You must-have Garfield heard the name of Garfield. Now with the game avatar that is Garfield GO is again in trend. Through this game, with your favorite cat, you need to find treasures on a real-world scavenger hunt. You’ll have to feed the fat cat with favorite dishes to make him move and go on the hunt. And I guess it isn’t easy to move the fat cat.

Apart from, you can also dress up Garfield and after completing certain tasks you can even get a real prize.  Amazon Gift cards, Dominos Pizza, VISA prepaid cards, and more are supporting such features.

  • Hunting for treasure
  • Earn badges, play mini-games, and collect trinkets.
  • Earn real world prizes

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Augmented reality Apps is surprising the gaming world and the users. It changed fundamental basis of the online game, and the world is accepting this change. We stand on the new edge of the gaming industry chasing different approach. The real environment and game elements mix up to develop new AR gaming era. It feels amazing after playing such games as it lands you in a different world.

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