10 Types of Content that will Improve SEO Performance

by Sachin

Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a skill that can narrate someone else’s story? While writing a compelling story is a talent of an effective writer, in the digital world, what matters the most is the way in which the content is written. The whole point of writing effective content is to locate that particular reader who wants to read your work and come back for more.

Needless to say, SEO is the word of the digital age. While SEO is an entire topic altogether, mastering the science of writing compelling content with a good SEO can help a writer outsmart his competitors. Let us understand the different types of content that will improve the SEO metrics and bring the researcher to your content among the billions available out there.

1. Blog Posts:

A blog is the ultimate digital weapon to reach your reader. People are always in the lookout for content that is not only ridiculously good but also a one-stop shop for all his needs. How does a blog post improve your SEO performance?

  • Being dynamic in nature, regularly updated blog posts help in keeping your website fresh
  • You can use long-tail keywords in the blog post. In fact, different keyword combinations can be used effectively in a blog post than in any other type of content
  • If your blog post is undeniably good, other sites will link back to your content, earning more web traffic

2. Long-Form Informational Articles:

While many people detest the idea of writing long articles, an articulately written long-form article proves your expertise in that field. We have come to an era where search engines have befriended long-form articles. The best way in which long-form content helps your SEO is that you can strategically input many keywords across the length and breadth of the article.

Long-form articles not only improve the chances of backlinks to your article but also increase the conversion rate. Long-form articles that are rich with data, analysis, and facts are readily shared on social media platforms.

3. EBooks:

We have reached a point in time where SEO is more about content and not just links and backlinks. While EBooks are not popular than blog posts, a carefully crafted EBook can strategically improve the visibility of your brand, product or your story in the online world.

EBooks that are strategically placed on the landing pages of the website helps in capturing leads, as people who download your eBook will leave their emails on your website. People are more than happy to leave additional personal details if they find that your EBook is what they came for on the web.

4. Product & Book Reviews:

The best part of writing a product or a book review is that you cannot be wrong no matter what your opinion about the product is. Since they are the personal views of consumers themselves, a good product review with a comparison article will bring more viewers to your content.

A Product review article that is thorough with details and photos will become an attractive spot for like-minded individuals. If you write reviews of recently launched products and advertise them on Social media, you will find people coming back to you for more.

5. Social Media Content:

Social media is a tool that can instantly make your content reach people who don’t even have the time to go to a search engine. If you writing compelling content on your website, a simple share button can take your content worldwide.

Creating Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media accounts for your business can mean a lot especially when we are trying to establish an online footing. Rather than using Social media for self-promoting, you can strategically present your ideas on the platform that not only promotes your product or services but also motivates the reader to share it with others.

6. Images, Infographics:

An Infographic can reduce your 20-page Powerpoint Presentation into a single attractive page. Marketing functions across businesses are using Infographics to spread their ideas to prospective clients. A boring piece of content can be turned into an effective and visually appealing Infographic that can sustain the attention of the reader. Infographics can be easily shared on social media platforms and can readily go viral and multiply the viewership in no time.

7. Listicles:

One of the best types of contents available to readers is listicles or articles written in list form. List form articles are becoming popular as they can be fun and informative at the same time. People who are short of time, or who don’t prefer long-form articles tend to skim through list form articles to get an overall idea.

The three things that make a listicle one of the best tools for SEO performance is –

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to share

8. Podcasts

Nowadays, SEO gives more attention to subsidiary elements on the webpage, like audio, video, and images. An informative podcast with an equally informative description and episode notes can dramatically improve the SEO as more people will stay on your web page for a long period of time.

Another way Podcasts help in improving SEO is by strategically using the guest feature. An excellent Podcast Interview can improve the SEO of your page as you can strategically promote your product on your podcast.

9. Videos:

Every day, we are seeing or reading more content in terms of a video rather than an article. People are more inclined to watch videos as they have a strong emotional quotient that attracts people towards it. People spend a long time on your website to watch your video rather than to read your article. The more people dwell on your video, the more popularity the video gets on the online web.

10. Current Affair Articles:

People who remain abreast with worldly events are always in search of content that will keep them updated. The popularity of the Current Affair type articles is less compared to other blog posts; hence, it may seem that such articles won’t matter much in terms of SEO.

While it is true that Current Affair articles wane in popularity after those events have occurred, a carefully structured article with the most relevant details can lead more people to your content in lesser time. Many articles that deal with real-time election results capture more attention of people for a couple of days and can drive the same traffic to your website that a normal blog post does in a long period of time.

While content opportunities in the online world are many, it is the quality that wins over quantity. While all types of content have the potential to reach the global audience, a prudent content creator will align his goals with the right tools to create content that will attract people and sustain their attention.

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