4 Bits Of Tech Every Small Business Should Consider Having

by Sachin

Technology is ever-evolving, so every company should try to keep on top of the latest advancements, where possible. It can not only save a business a lot of time and money but can also help increase sales and aid growth. 

Although certain products or services might be financially out of reach for many small businesses, many things will still prove extremely beneficial. Here are 4 bits of tech every small business should consider having.   

Accountancy Software

Accountancy software has many uses and benefits. You can buy software that will speed up annual tax return submissions – a job most of us dread. As the year progresses, income and expenditure can be tracked and monitored at the touch of a button. When the financial year is over, an annual return is produced quickly and easily, saving you loads of time and hassle.

Many accountancy software packages, such as those provided by QuickBooks, can help maximize efficiency in dealing with payment of salaries and expenses or provide huge project management benefits. Whatever areas you require help with, there is probably a software package that can do the job.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN works well for small businesses, particularly when employees work from home or other remote locations. A VPN keeps your files and other data safe by allowing full access to authorized users but keeps identity thieves or hackers out. It’s effectively an encrypted tunnel between the user and your company’s router. It not only allows data to be accessed securely and efficiently by your authorized personnel but gives you the peace of mind that client and customer information is secure. Due to the many data protection laws now in force, this is more crucial than ever.

Customer Relationship Management System

Regardless of the size of your business, a CRM system is something that you should consider. It holds a multitude of data about clients and may prove to be one of the best assets a company can have. A wealth of information can be stored. From a customer’s name and address, to how many times they made contact during specific date parameters, everything can be tracked and reported. 

This can help a business massively in various areas including targeted marketing, after-sales, and quality control. Data is like gold – use it wisely, and your company could go from strength to strength.

Multi-Functional Printer

Multi-functional printers can provide many benefits, particularly to small businesses that are short on space or don’t want the outlay of multiple machines. Instead of having separate printers, copiers, and scanners, one product does everything. They can save space, use less energy, and are far cheaper to run than several machines would be. 

Most multi-functional printers can be connected via a network, making it easy for all staff members to use. There are many different multi-functional printers available with a range of different price ranges and facilities. Do some research, and you should find one that accommodates your needs.


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