4 Linkedin Strategies To Help You Hire The Right School Staff

by Sachin

Any good school administrator knows how important it is to hire the right teachers. A good school staff can make or break the reputation of your school. Similarly, the right hiring strategy can make or break the quality of your school staff. Which is why it’s integral for you, as a school administrator, to always have the right recruitment process in place. 

And what better way to plan out your recruitment process than through Linkedin? As the biggest online platform for professionals to connect with each other, Linkedin provides the perfect space for recruiters to find the talent they’re looking for. 

But you can’t just expect the right talent to pop up on your Linkedin without putting in some work. Here are a few super-effective tips to help you find and hire the right staff on Linkedin. 

  • Be a part of the right Linkedin groups 

Linkedin groups are a great way to stay up to date on the field you’re working in. Since Linkedin focuses on professional interactions, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll find the right talent by joining Linkedin groups related to school administration, teaching, and more. 

Make sure you’re joining active groups, and keep an eye out for people who are contributing the most to relevant group discussions. 

  • Post job openings on your Linkedin business page

One direct way to attract the right talent is to post jobs using your Linkedin business page. This option isn’t free, but can be budget-friendly if you set a budget and narrow down your audience. 

To post a job, make sure you set a daily budget, add your specifications and job details, and pay whenever an applicant views your job posting. The right way to attract good teachers while posting a school-based job is by adding the right information, and making the job post as specific as you can. 

  • Advertise it on your Linkedin banner 

Your Linkedin banner is the first thing people see when they view your Linkedin profile or business page. Which is why it’s the perfect way to promote a job opening at your school. 

Whether your school has a couple of hundred followers on LinkedIn (or none at all), putting a hiring Linkedin banner up on LinkedIn helps you to connect with your company’s top fans and reach new talent who may not have noticed you otherwise. 

LinkedIn is often one of the first places that prospective candidates go to look for jobs and research your company, so using a Linkedin hiring banner to attract potential candidates will be sure to get you noticed by the right people. Make sure to keep your hiring banner simple, visual, and include your company name, logo, and brand colors. 

  • Keep your business page up to date

To attract the right teachers to your school, you need to make sure your school is attractive enough for the right teachers. To do that, keep your Linkedin page up to date and post regularly about your school and your current staff. 

Post about things like your monthly “teacher of the month” award, staff appreciation strategies, and anything else you do to make your teachers feel at ease with their job. This will allow prospective applicants to get a clear picture of what you offer and will drive traffic toward your job posts. 

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to hire the right people for any job, Linkedin is the place to go. With its professional outlook and countless features for sourcing talent, Linkedin will help you find the ideal teachers for the job. 

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