4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your New Phone

by Sachin

New phones aren’t cheap – it’s the norm nowadays to find yourself paying hundreds of dollars; that is if you’re looking for a decent smartphone. If you’re spending so much, you’re going to want to make sure you make the most of it – read on to find out how. 

Protect It

Accidents happen, and even if you take incredibly good care of your phone, other factors may come into play which could mean your phone gets damaged or even broken. When it comes to things like this, prevention is much better than reaction – not only will repairing your phone after a break means it’s weaker and more easily broken, but it costs a lot more, especially if you break it several times. It’s a great idea to get a phone protection kit – this is something you can order on SaharaCase who offers everything you need, including a screen protector, a dust remover, alignment tool and more, meaning you’ll be prepared for anything.

A Mouse and Keyboard

It may sound mad, but you can get a mouse and keyboard to work with your phone – they work through a USB port meaning they’re cheap to buy and wherever you are, you can use your phone like a laptop or computer. This makes your phone much more accessible, and flexible too – being able to use a mouse and keyboard can be easier than a touch screen, especially for older people who may find it hard to navigate the phone. It also means you can set up anywhere and write documents, making it much easier for you to find time to do work without having to drag a laptop around, even if you’re on the go. Perfect!

Track It

Tracking your phone is something else that’s essential to do – phones can be worth a lot, and they’re at high risk of being stolen. If you’re like us, it’s also fairly easy to lose your phone and not be able to find it. This is why you need to use Prey – Prey is an app that will track your device’s location. It works off GPS and Wi-Fi, and not only can it locate your phone, but it can detect changes in your SIM card as well as access the front-facing camera so that you can see where it is, or if it’s been stolen, who has it. 

Power Bank

One of the most frustrating things about your phone is that, unfortunately, the charge does not last forever. This means that forgetting to charge it the night before or just using it a lot during the day can leave you stranded without a phone if it happens to run out of charge, meaning you could miss important messages or be stuck without a way to contact anyone or find information. Investing in a Power Bank gets rid of this – they’re not expensive and can be charged and ready to take with you so that if the worst does happen, you can charge your phone whilst on the go, wherever you are. How nifty is that?

Enjoy your phone and make sure to keep it protected and safe at all times – make the most of it!

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