5 Essential Educational App Features You Absolutely Cannot Do Without

by Sachin

The education industry has undergone a complete reinvention in terms of offering learning and undoubtedly, it is the online education or digital education which dominates. There have been different players responsible for this revolutionary transformation with mobile apps leading the path. With mobile applications trending, students enjoy the learning process as they do not have to attend the monotonous lectures anymore and they can study from the comfort of their homes. 

However, not all e-learning mobile applications attract learners and offer an extraordinary experience as a part of the learning process. So, how do mobile applications gain an extra edge over their competitors and supersede? While most educational apps claim to offer numerous features, not all meet the users’ expectations.

So, to help you understand what features work best in case of educational apps that help smoothen the process of learning for its users, we have mentioned below all those which are vital and shall reap maximum benefits for your eLearning business. 

Comprehensive And Interactive Content

With so many applications available online today for learners to choose from, make yours stand out with engaging content. The content should be such that it instantly attracts the attention of users. Moreover, it should be mobile-friendly, easily comprehensible, and must be created keeping in mind the needs of the target audience. 

In addition, educational apps can make the best use of their capability by extending the video feature ability to users. It is one platform where users can both read the information and learn it by watching videos of the same. With this, various handy features like zooming in, zooming out, rewinding, and replaying are also possible which prove beneficial to learners as well as instructors. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are considered to be an important aspect of any mobile application and these are especially important in the elearning industry. It keeps the users engaged and informed about all the latest developments taking place along with providing them information around the ongoing offers, discounts and the likes. The app with push notifications boosts engagement followed by letting users take actionable steps. Wish to know more about this trending feature? Refer to this push notifications guide for elearning companies which will provide you with all the details. 

Live Tutorials, Sessions, And Testing Knowledge

When it comes to elearning, live sessions and tutorials play a crucial role in polishing learners’ skills hence apps must host them. Facilitating live tutorials will provide students with the opportunity to get their queries resolved on any particular topic or subject. You can add the ‘chat now’ feature and complete the learning process. 

In addition to live tutorials and sessions, a section of mock tests and quizzes must be added for enhancing learning. This will not only test the students’ knowledge on a particular subject and topic but also make preparation easier. 


Gamification today has become a significant component of any mobile application because of the attraction it gets alongside offering users a great experience. Various researches have proved that students engage much more when it comes to games and gadgets. Therefore, including games as a part of learning is one of the most innovative steps which makes learning fun. Including healthy gamification like badges help students study more and take up challenges to reach the next level. 

Social Integration

When maximising benefits is the need of the hour, resorting to social media is the best option. While you are maintaining your mobile application with all the important and required information for all the desired topics and subjects, make sure to upload details of the same on different social media channels like Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These platforms drive traffic to your content which leads to more engagement and conversions.

Creating a youtube channel is one of the most beneficial steps and you can record and upload your video tutorials, lectures, etc. on the platform for easy access by learners. If the content is uploaded on social media, users will be able to access it anytime they wish, which results in efficient learning alongside app promotion. 

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