5 Games That Will Upend Your View of Online Casinos

by Sachin

What do you expect to find when you visit an online casino? A bit of roulette? Some blackjack and card games? Slot machines? That’s fair enough. After all, those have been the most popular types of casino games for many decades now. But the casino industry, like the video game and app industries moves into VR, is experimenting with all types of technology to bring bigger, bolder and better experiences to players. Indeed, it really might surprise you just how far the evolution of some games has come.

Below we look at five different games that, for different reasons, will change your view of online casinos: 

Age Of The Gods Roulette

One of the questions that faces games developers is: How much do you mess with a classic? Roulette has obviously remained popular for decades and decades, and people don’t always enjoy when you change the format too much. Playtech, the developers behind this game, understand that and kept the elements of roulette, but added a massive jackpot and bonus game into the mix. To be eligible for the jackpot you must be a real money player, read more about that here – casino.com/uk/real-money-casino, but the randomly awarded jackpot can be £500K or above, even if you are playing for pennies. That’s really changed people’s ideas of roulette, where the top prize is usually 35/1. With AOTG Roulette you can literally win millions of times your bet in a single spin. 


How many winning lines should a slot machine have? 10? 20? 50? 100? Well, the number of potential paylines on Bonanza – part of the Megaways range – can be anything up to 117,649 lines. It’s an incredible feat of math and design, but the beauty of it is that you do not need to bet on each line individually – you can play for just 20p per spin. As you might expect, the winning potential with all those lines can be phenomenal, and Bonanza and similar games have changed the expectations of low stakes players at modern online casinos. 

Justice League

In truth, this game could be any one of the Playtech titles based on your favourite DC Comics superheroes. But what is ground-breaking in this case is the deal struck between Playtech and Warner Bros. to create games based on the likes of Superman, Batman and all other superheroes in the comics. Best of all, many of the games tie in with the latest movie releases, so you get to see your heroes in real movie clips, special bonus games and so on. Ambitious stuff. 

Beavis And Butthead 

Yep, a game based on the 90s duo who rocked MTV during the 1990s. Again, like Justice League above, this is an officially licensed game, so no knock off animations. Yet, what’s important here is the sheer number of bonus games and side features. Most slots have one main special feature, whereas Beavis and Butthead has around 12 (we literally lost count). Really ambitious stuff from Blueprint Gaming, similar to what they have tried to achieve with their Ted and Top Cat games. 

Kingdoms Rise 

We don’t really know what’s going to happen with Kingdoms Rise slots, as they have just been released last month, but the early signs are that this collection of games is going to really put a marker down. The truly ground-breaking thing about Kingdoms Rise is that the games in the series, like Forbidden Forest or Guardians of the Abyss, are truly linked through interactive maps, shared features and so on. It opens up a connected interactive world – looking something like World of Warcraft – and there isn’t another series of games like it online. 

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