5 new metrics for your Facebook marketing

by Sachin

For the Facebook marketing, there are nearly five new indicators. That gave the social network known. Both site operators and marketing managers should understand the performance of their ads and behavior of their visitors better.

Since the first major scandal metric end of 2016 – more measurement errors were known in the meantime – Facebook has all proven its product innovations under the umbrella term transparency.

To improve the battered relationship with publishers, companies and recruiters again, Facebook has it even introduced a new category: the Measurement FYI.

In that very area one now is a new post appeared which holds ready five new indicators and metrics for site operators and advertisers.

This should Facebook marketing and performance analysis of Facebook be facilitated as a publishing channel. “We got feedback from companies is that they want more transparency and explanation about their Facebook Performance”, the social network founded his crotch.

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The new Facebook marketing KPIs at a glance

The first two figures are especially for advertisers and marketing managers of interest, the ads and book through Facebook.

Landing page views:

This value is one of the most exciting in the canon of the new Root. The Landing page views capture all users who have arrived on a Facebook ad on your website after clicking. Why is this number so interesting? Because of long page load times many users abort the charging process before the landing page could be shown.

The new metric allows publishers to analyze whether the performance of their Facebook ads suffers from its own website performance.

Pre-Impression Activity Breakdown:

In addition to the  Landing page views  Facebook leads in the next few weeks even the so-called Pre-Impression Activity Breakdown one.

This KPI shows the recruiter whether a link click from a new user comes or by someone who was already in contact with the side and could be recognized by a tracking pixel. This value should be particularly useful for advertisers who work with large audiences and dynamic ads.

In addition to the Facebook marketing experts Mark Zuckerberg also has the operators of Facebook pages concerned with new figures. These are gradually being rolled out – we come up with our Facebook account already enjoying the new information.

  • Subscribers: Instead of as before (not to be confused with the number of like-me-data) indicate only the sheer number of subscribers one side, now down Facebook on this value in detail. The operator of a page to see how many new subscribers were able to win in a given time and how they were generated.
  • Page previews: In addition to the hard fact of visits Facebook is now introducing the so-called previews. Including all users are subsumed who get the mouse-over information on your page without clicking on it.
  • Recommendations: One of the most valuable growth driver for Facebook pages are recommendations of users. Therefore you, the social network will now display when a user you and your company has recommended a post his friends.

In the coming weeks and months, Facebook wants to publish further measures that are designed to simplify the Facebook marketing and the page analysis. For that Facebook as always takes into account the feedback from the community.

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