5 Ways Marketers are Use Social Media for Growing Their Business

by Sachin

In the recent digital world, utilizing the influence of social media is very vital if you wish to grow your business to the next level.  You may find numerous social media starting from Facebook to Twitter announcements. With these social media, you have wide opportunities to succeed in your business, it all required efficient management of social media accounts.  A right social media campaign can bring unbelievable growth. Keeping this in mind, any aspiring business owner who has yet to achieve great heights should try out the influence of social media and needs to start working towards creating a resourceful online presence. It’s something that can bring great value to your business and increase the sales within the market.

Check out these top 5 ways that you may find helpful as an entrepreneur who is looking to expand your business through social media.

1. Decide the Social Media Platform

You may find several social media platform and there might be a certain network that your competitors prefer, but it doesn’t mean that you should also follow in the same way. If you wish to be successful and increase your sales with these social media platforms, then you should keep spreading the message across the networks. In simple words, you should maintain an account with few big social media sites, such as   LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Below mentioned is the brief look of the popular platforms.

  1. Facebook: With more than 2 billion users Facebook holds the pride of being most popular social media site. This site can definitely be a right choice if you are trying to reach the consumers directly.
  2. Instagram: Instagram is renowned for its visual approach where good marketing is based in large part on the visual appeal of the message or post you share.
  3. LinkedIn: It is the largest professional network across the social media sites with more than 460 million users. To grow your business further you should learn how to use this platform to showcase your business.
  4. Twitter: It is known for brief tweets where you can’t post more than 280 characters. Learn Twitter marketing strategies to utilize this media to make your business successful.
  5. YouTube: It is a great platform for brands who have the more resources to gain the benefit from the popularity of online videos.
  6. Pinterest: This is a great site for the users who are looking for some ideas. This makes this platform ideal for marketers who can establish their brand to drive action, such as a visit to your brand website or purchase.

With the above information, you can choose the right platform for your business and start progressing with your sales with the social media sites that can make the most sense for your business.

2. Use Social Media to Promote and Sell Your Products

Using social media for promoting your brand is not a simple task as you do tweets in Twitter, it requires proper strategy. A proper social media marketing strategy will optimize the Google search results. Before framing a marketing strategy remember that 8 percent of your brand promotion and sales comes from the content and message you post. Hence be cautious about developing the content, it should be engaging and interactive. You can also share pictures, demographics that are relevant to the content. This will help in gaining attraction at the first sight.

One of the key marketing strategies is using each social media platform as per its strengths.

For instance: if you are selling cosmetics and clothes, your best choice is Instagram or Pinterest, because they are image-centric nature. If you are a fashion retailer then you have the feature to tag your product images in these sites, so you can add detailed product information and can link back to your website that appears along with the picture.

Likewise, on Pinterest, any small business owners can sell their brand products directly on the website, as it allows the customers to purchase with just a few clicks

3. Offer Service and Respond to Messages

Offer Service and Respond to Messages

Handling customer reviews especially customer complaints, are a crucial part of the business. You probably would have noticed sites such as Google, Yelp, and Twitter for product reviews. Currently, there might be large numbers of users on Twitter and Facebook discussing your brand either indirectly or directly. Hence, it is crucial for you to monitor these platforms and others so that you don’t miss any important discussions. You can also respond back to their queries and comments, this will eventually result in good brand reputation.  For this, you just need to spare few minutes every day.

4. Manage your accounts efficiently

  1. Create a Twitter account and set up your app to send a mail whenever a person mentions your business.
  2. On Twitter save searches for all the varied names of your business.
  3. Save searches for your company URL, so that if people share the contents from your website but don’t mention your name, they are still worth engaging with and knowing about.
  4. Set up an auto-responder or a chatbot to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This will assist you in responding quickly. Because people expect a quicker response from the business. Setting up this feature on these platforms to automatically respond with a message that you will respond as soon as possible. You can even build your own Facebook Messenger chatbot for free, using the SendPulse marketing automation platform.
  5. Create Awareness about your Brand.

Social media is the best platform to increase your business sales and grow your business. This can be achieved by getting it in front of customers online when they are looking for some similar brand.

For instance, if a person does a Google search to find information on particular products or services or searches in Facebook for a brand, he will see relevant business and products on the search result. This is the influence of the social media.  You should know how to influence those customers on these social platforms. Increasing your knowledge on social media means posting consistently with valid contents and message.

Successful marketing people make use of the social media platform like Twitter and Facebook to keep its customers updated about their events and news. They also link to their newsletter, in that way of optimizing single content into two.

5. Format Content to Optimize for Each Platform.

Maintaining accounts on several major social media platforms isn’t a huge task, rather optimizing the content as per the platform is a huge task. In simple words,  posting the same content on different social media sites daily won’t yield good results. You should format and optimize the contents for every platform you wish to post.

For instance:

  1. You need more photos and images for posting on Instagram.
  2. In case of LinkedIn, you need stories and long posts.
  3. Videos and memes will yield good results on Facebook.
  4. Brief announcements for Twitter will be great.

All of your posts and messages should be unique on every platform, although they are delivering the same message.


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