6 Hot Home Décor and Furniture Ideas to Shop Online

by Sachin

You can browse your local furniture store, sit on a dozen different couches, find the perfect comfort, and hate the style. When it comes to the hottest home decor and furniture ideas, you really have to turn to the internet, where everything can be had for a bargain price. Here are some ideas to consider before you start your online furniture shopping experience.

Everyone is going vintage.

What comes around, goes around. It doesn’t take much observation to see that the world is trending backwards through time, especially when it comes to pop culture and childhood nostalgia. Vintage items aren’t bought because they are cheap, recycled, or second hand. They are purchased with love and care, to create a personalized theme. Of course, new replicas of vintage items are completely acceptable, and usually in better condition.

Navy blue or deep burgundy on stark white.

Contrasting a deep navy blue, burgundy, green, or other deep natural tone against a stark white background makes a bold statement and helps your home decor and furniture pop. Make one wall a deep blue, then match it with a navy blue dressing chair contrasting with a bright white bed set.

Floral wallpaper is back.

Maybe floral wallpaper should be lumped in with the vintage themes, but it really deserves its own heading. Floral wallpaper was all the rage in the 1940s. Eighty years later, and it is making a big comeback. If you want to use floral wallpaper, you’re going to need to go with either thin stripes or solid colored home furniture that matches the dominant tone in the floral pattern.

High contrast decor.

“That doesn’t match!” Does it matter? Not really. Contrasting colors and patterns is one of the hottest trends going into the next year. Choosing each piece of home furniture according to its style or the story it seems to tell can be creative and exciting, and when you go with a high contrast theme it doesn’t matter if it really matches everything else in the room. Of course, there are some colors and patterns that just look awful together, but for the most part you can have a lot of fun with this design idea.

Canopy beds make your guests feel like royalty.

Choosing a bed shouldn’t just be about the mattress. Another vintage trend that is coming back is canopy beds. Originally beds had canopies and curtains to help protect the slumberer from the elements when homes (or castles) were not as well heated. Even though this functionality isn’t necessary today, canopy beds have definitely been coming back into popularity.

An aged look

If you are buying new sideboards, china cabinets, or other heavy wood furniture pieces, you might consider an antiqued or aged look. This trend is so hot that some people are buying brand new pieces of affordable home furniture and “aging” them to make them look like old farmhouse antiques. It is definitely a style suitable for a country cottage.

The best thing about buying furniture for these great home decor ideas is that with online shopping options, you can be certain you will find the perfect pieces to make each design idea for your home work perfectly.

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