6 Ways Folded Business Cards Are Better Than The Regular Ones 

by Sachin

Business owners who want to optimize their visibility and marketing strategy should always look for ways to stand out in their industry. Regardless of what digital platform you have, one of the most dependable ways for you to establish your presence in any industry is by focusing on providing clients with business cards. 

Here, you will have several options, though few business card varieties can provide the same degree of style and function as folded cards. If you’re not sure if you want to invest in this type, consider some of the following advantages that you can enjoy!

Brand Differentiation

One of the most obvious ways that you can help your brand is to stand out as much as possible. With appropriate folded business cards, you can look forward to a much stronger degree of brand recognition. Think of some ways you can introduce your brand’s logo as naturally into the business card as well. It can be easy for you to get creative with the right approach, so be sure to experiment with what works and sends the most memorable message.

Add Coupons to the Inside

One of the most creative ways to play with space within folded cards is to establish something interesting within. Because of the sheer amount of paper that you work with, you can turn the back half of the inside into a coupon. 

You can also use the space to establish some exceptional service or product promotion as well to help generate sales. Think about what you want to provide for your customers and plan to get the best results.

Offer Listings and Catalogs

Another efficient way for you to make your cards more memorable is to work with what your customers may want to know about your business. With a little planning, it can be easy for business owners to turn the insides of their business cards into comprehensive service listings. Use it as a mini catalog as well, as this will allow you to showcase all of your products, enticing your customers to work with you.

Drive Your Social Media Presence

Business owners can turn their business cards into potential lead generation machines. With the extra space in the folded variety, it can be easy for individuals to drive leads with incentives and social media information. Everything from a potential newsletter campaign to a Facebook page can be established within this section, making it easy for interested customers to find what they need regarding your brand.

Reminders for Events 

Another extremely effective way to use these styles of cards is to drive your event presence. Use the available space within to establish information about events and appointments. This makes it easy for you to market your presence. Also, it provides interested customers with a reliable way to get in touch with real events at retail locations. 

Never underestimate how advantageous having such a presence can be, especially if you plan on hosting many events in the future. These business cards do not cost more to print than regular ones, so it becomes easy for business owners to establish event connections quickly.

Offer Samples

Because of the convenient size of the cards and the way they can fold to hide their contents, you can use them as an effective way to offer samples to your interested customers and clients. This is particularly vital for those who can link back to larger products from a small sample. 

Things like perfumes and swatches are among the most popular products available through these samples. Contemplate how you can effectively market your products and services in this small space. However, do not feel obligated to include a sample if it may not work for your business. 

One of the best ways to see what a difference these cards can make is to invest in both regular varieties and the folded type. Hand them out at your next meeting and see what your employees think. They could have valuable insight into your business card presence, especially if you are thinking about experimenting with variety when it comes to your folded cards.

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