7 Occasions When You Need A Special Banner For An Email Signature

by Sachin

What is An Email Signature Banner?

Creating a professional looking email signature has a lot of benefits for business. Disregarding of what kind of service or product you provide, such a signature will make your company more trustworthy. And a beautifully designed banner is an excellent supplement.

The cool thing about it, a banner located at the bottom of your signature can be changed anytime. Thus, you can make it display a promotion of some kind, a nice offer, or a scheduled meeting. But let’s discuss everything bit by bit.

How Does an Email Banner Work?

Banners are meant to represent some brief information. As mentioned before, this could be anything associated with yourself or a company you represent. You can add them manually as image files to every email you send. However, there is a chance they will be treated as spam or just sent as attachments. But there’s an easy solution.

Email signature generators allow you to create and manage banners. NEWOLDSTAMP, for example, has a library of ready ones for you to use. You can use them or create your own banners to meet your needs. All the technical stuff is managed by NEWOLDSTAMP, so you won’t have to worry about formats and settings of various platforms.

When Do You Need an Email Banner?

Now, the most important part is what you actually put on your banner. As you already have a signature itself, making a banner should be a completely separate process. Depending on whether you make it valuable and interesting, you can boost your sales, gain more profile views, or have a lot of webinar visitors.

1. Representing a New Product or Service

Once you create something new (for instance, a line of clothes or software update), make sure it is mentioned in your banner. You want your clients to know about something new ASAP. And there’s no harm in telling it via email. Especially if you send a lot of these regularly.

2. Showing Off a New Marketing Offer

Displaying your new offers in an email signature banner makes it easier to convert your addresses into leads. If there is some sweet info on a discount or a sale, let people know about it. This way you will both get rid of the remaining product faster and gain more customers.

If you want to make sure the use of banners pays off, Roland Pokornyik from Chamaileon advises adding a UTM parameter to your banners. It allows observing the traffic in Google Analytics and monitoring how successful (or not) your banner is.

3. Letting People See Your Testimonials

No ad can work as good in terms of positive feedback as an actual customer saying their ‘thank you.’ Add some testimonials as a banner to your email, so that your recipients have an independent opinion to rely on.

Making it a clickable link to a person’s profile is undoubtedly a good idea. However, make sure the author of the feedback knows their words are used for advertising.

4. Sharing New Content You’ve Recently Created

Are you a blogger or an actual writer? Or perhaps you make stunning travel photos? Address your recent post or book in an email banner. It doesn’t get simpler than that when you need to show off your new content. The more views you can get, the better.

5. Inviting People to Upcoming Events

Another thing when you need as many views as possible in a rather short period of time is an event you hold. The more leads come, the higher chances are that they become customers. And all you need to do is make a vivid and engaging banner for an email signature you use.

6. Sharing Happy Wishes on Holidays

You want clients or viewers to associate your brand with a friendly and positive approach. Don’t forget to congratulate them on a major holiday, and you will definitely see the feedback in the way of income growth!

7. Inviting People to Watch Your Webinar

Free or paid for, you want your webinar to be visited by as many people as possible. So, make a Call-to-Action banner, as Emily Bauer from Propeller suggests. CTAs are always effective as they make it way too easy for people to join up. When there’s a nice and creative invitation, it is indeed hard to resist.


Banners have a lot of possible uses in email signatures. Basically, you can put anything you want on them. The things we have mentioned, however, are the most effective ways to attract clients. The best thing you can do is implement all seven gradually or even add your own banner type. Anyway, the more banners you use (don’t forget to change them from time to time), the more leads you will have. In the long run, this means providing your company with new sources of income every time a banner is clicked.

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