A Guide to UCaaS vs CCaaS vs CPaaS

by Sachin

The world of technology has graced the planet with many illustrious advances over the past few decades. Humans consistently find new and exciting ways to make a business run efficiently. Computers have become faster while phones have gotten smarter.

One impressive development came in the form of the cloud. The cloud changed how we communicate and store information for both personal and professional use. Therefore, it is essential to consider all options as your business makes its way off the ground into the cloud. 

There are three systems in use: UCaaS vs CCaaS vs CPaaS have given businesses unique approaches to solving the issue of efficiency. Companies must be sure they choose the best fit when converting to cloud-based technology.

UCaaS: The Oldie, but Goodie

UCaaS, which stands for Unified Communications as a Service, is a system that enables companies to utilize various methods of communication. These include phone calls, messages, video calls, and more.

If this sounds familiar, it’s likely because you have used a UCaaS product already! Products like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are popular forms of UCaaS.

UCaaS systems give their users the ability to:

  • Send and receive instant messages
  • Enterprise telephony
  • Leave and review voicemails
  • Record calls
  • Receive call analytics
  • Utilize click to dial

Be sure to take your time and do your research on which UCaaS system is the best fit for your enterprise.

The Pros of UCaaS

UCaaS has made the transition of many employees to work at home much smoother. They’re generally simple enough for everyone to figure out and can be used with little-to-no additional hardware!

The Cons of UCaaS

It’s hard to find any setbacks to this service. However, if your business relies heavily (or solely) on analog devices, this will be an upgrade as you’ll need to get entirely new hardware.

CCaaS: Your Customer Relations Expert

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) makes communications with customers easier. CCaaS provides businesses with increased ability to make and receive calls and messages, see when employees can work, queue calls, and more.

Along with the general abilities provided by UCaaS systems, CCaaS offers the following:

  • Voice and video calls
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for customers to respond to and gather information from automated phone systems
  • Customer Authentication for increased security
  • Omnichannel access 

The Pros of CCaaS

CCaaS may drive your business further from increased sales due to being more customer-forward. The customer can communicate with your company across several different avenues. Using CCaaS gives your company access to all their communication with you at once. Clear communication with customers will drive the business forward and make customers feel relaxed while working with you.

CCaaS is the ideal choice for large, remotely-based systems of employees, which is a massive draw in the work-from-home age.

The Cons of CCaaS

Given that CCaaS is a customer-first system, any edits to your system can and will affect more than just your employees. So the pressure is on when any changes are necessary as everyone will notice them!

It’s also a little more expensive and requires your company to relinquish control over the system once the customers have access. A lot of thinking and extra planning goes into using a CCaaS system to make it optimal for all!

CPaaS: The Integrated System

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) gives the ability to integrate new communication systems into already-being-used systems and services. Similar to the model of UCaaS, CPaaS has communication networks already built into the platform. 

Any time a customer visits your website, CPaaS allows you to open a chat with them right there on the page. The communication is part of the network without requiring a separate app. Communication is simple and all in one place, which will make your customers feel comfortable trusting you with their business meaning you will generate more business!

The Pros of CPaaS

CPaaS is the system that gives you complete customization control. You, the business, get to be in charge of what your system looks and sounds like and how it operates. You can add, edit, and delete things as you wish!

The Cons of CPaaS

Customization isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Companies will require developers on staff to design and maintain aspects of their technology. While most businesses have or have access to developers, this piece could just as easily turn businesses off from wanting to use it.

Which is the Right Choice for You?

Knowing the pros and cons of the UCaaS vs CCaaS vs CPaaS can help a business make an informed, responsible decision for the future of its company. 

How new or experienced a company is might make the difference in which system is chosen. The team’s dynamics and how it relates to customers can also affect the decision.

Regardless of which route your company chooses to take, it’s undeniable that cloud-based communication systems are a choice that will result in top-notch service from your company.

Launch yourself into the future and make the jump into the cloud!

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