Andrew Keene’s Project 303 Review: How Is It Providing Mega Payouts Every Thursday?

by Sachin

There’s always opposing aspects to everything in life: success versus failure, tricky steps versus a straightforward approach, and so on.

In the present world, hit by the coronavirus wave, while everyone is frantically searching a way round to invest and earn money, some have already started to get their pockets filling up with money five or six times their investment.

Here’s how they did it.

What is Project 303?

It’s a low-cost, extra income strategy that could earn regular investors thousands of dollars every week. Yes, you’ve heard it right— ‘thousands of dollars’ – each and every week!

It takes only 30 minutes a day and 3 days a week, that means, one and a half hours a week! That’s how figure 303 evolved. Before we go to explain it in detail you might like to have a little bit of detail here.

How it Works

Andrew Keene’s Project 303 is based on a simple method— catching stealth trade, as he calls it. Let’s take a look at the following message:

To any novice, this code would look complex. Diving a bit deeper, however, it turns out to be very straightforward.

What it shows is a huge options trade in Hain Celestial. When seen from a stealth trade graph this is how it looks:

This chart shows a large amount of money going into Hain completely out of nowhere.

Let’s overlay this chart with a price option where the black chart represents a stealth trade activity and the blue shows the options change in price. Here’s how it looks:

As we see after the stealth trade was placed the options shot up, in this case, 321% in 17 days. The important thing to consider is that it jumped after the stealth trade took place. This gives you plenty of time to place the trade in your account and maximize your potential profits.

Filing the stealth trade, Andrew Keene’s team is giving you a chance to capture 321% in just 17 days churning every $1000 into $4200.

It’s so easy to do. You just need to get the information on these stealth trades.

The same happened in January 2018 when they spotted a huge stealth trade in the game stuff. As usual, The chart showed a huge spike. Put on a very simple option trade in GME they walked away with 360% profit in just 13 days.

That wasn’t hindsight. That was an actual alert that he sent out to subscribers that turned every $5000 into $23000 in about two weeks. Not bad, right?

“I’ve been trading the strategy for 16 years.”, Andrew says in one of his lectures. Later he continues, “I’ve tried, tested, and retested every aspect of this.”

Through the process, he discovered three signals that led it to the biggest moves that could hand you three hundred, five hundred, and even fourteen hundred percent gain in as little as two days.

The simple theory is that you follow a smart trader. When he buys you buy, when he sells you sell. You will find that you are earning pretty much safely. The same thing has applied here in Andrew’s process. The only difference is that he’s doing it from any location in the world with his way of observation and analysis that is shown above. He uses an advanced piece of software that scans the order flow electronically to process and show in a graph the high probable stealth trade.

The advantage? With the insight, he provides you need to work only half an hour a day.

Most of the investors don’t see the stealth trades which his software catches and alerts his team early.

The Stealth Market

Stealth trades have been proven to be the number one predictor for stocks about to make a big move. Moves that give the traders the ability to make quick returns in the options markets even if you have a small account. This is not the sole decision of Andrew Keene. Let’s take a quick look at what others say.

A leading financial firm concludes, “Stealth trades have a profound impact on stock prices… Buying can send a stock price up and selling can send a stock price down.”

“… … very few things can move stock more than this [stealth trades],” reports

Research at IBD (Investors’ Business Daily) says, “… … what reveals what fund managers and other large investors are doing at critical moments.”

Most retail traders buy 5 or 10 contracts at a time. 20 would be a big trade. So if you are buying 5 or 10 thousand contracts at a time, you are a really big deal. You know what you are doing. You are not going to last for long making million-dollar trades and losing. You’d be out of a job and quick.

So when someone buys 500 contracts he must be an institutional trader in a big shop and he’s trading with firm capital. He would have a long track record of making money. He would have access to valuable information that we do not have like buyout rumors, earning leaks, large hedge fund traders, and non-public economic reports.

In other words, he is the kind of trader that most of us would give anything to shadow to look over their shoulders.

This is exactly what they are doing by monitoring the stealth trade. The financial world knows the power of these abnormal stealth trades. Once the stealth trade is complete, the Wall Street firm uses every trick in the book to drive the price higher. Brokers push the stock to clients. Mutual funds take a position and drive it higher in volume. Market makers bid up the share on the exchange. Analysts issue upgrades and buy recommendations. Firms release positive stories in the financial media.

In other words, Wall Street’s big machine goes to work.

By scanning the institutional orders his software flags the stealth trade the moment it is filled causing another big spike on the graph. Then over the next several hours, it allows them to pocket some quick 500% or 700% profit. Anybody could do this. Most of the trades are under a hundred dollars and you can start with a ‘Robin Hood account’ with only a couple hundred dollars.

Are Every Trades Winner?

Don’t get the wrong idea here. Not every trade is going to be a winner. Some trades just don’t work out. This is, after all, trading that rises and falls. But with this strategy, your winners will far outweigh your losers. There are hundreds of documents that confirm Andrew’s followers have made some serious money over a couple of months.

Let’s see two portfolios. One was what they started tracking about two years ago. It’s about a 65% win rate. And more recently, just before December 2019, they sent out 16 trades in 6 weeks. 13 of them have been winners. This is because the stealth trades they follow are designed to make money. They are carefully crafted to get Wall Street firms in early before the big move happens.

Final Words

In the fast-moving financial world, there seems no end to research, innovation, and winning paces. Andrew Keene’s project 303 is presently the super working money maker in the international stock market.

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