AnyTrans For Android: Best Android Manager 2020

by Sachin

We live in a world where new technologies hit the market every year. And no matter how great your present phone is, chances are you are going to want to change to a newer model in a couple of years. And the biggest problem for android users is moving their precious data from one device to the next. The hassle of moving data to cloud accounts, copying and pasting files, etc. is just too much, especially if you change phones regularly. Thankfully, AnyTrans offers easy wireless data transfer that will make managing your data a piece of cake.

About AnyTrans for Android

AnyTrans has been one of the best mobile data management tool for both Android and iOS users. To facilitate the transfer of data further, AnyTrans has launched a desktop and a web app to calibrate with the mobile app to let you manage your phone’s data through your computer. You can either transfer data by USB, or use the much preferred wireless method to access your Android’s data from your Windows or Mac.

How to Download and Install AnyTrans

Follow these steps to setup your AnyTrans app on your PC:

  • Download the installer from here.
  • Run the installer and select the programs you require and click on install

That’s it. You are all set to manage your Android data from your PC.

You may come across a few problems while installing AnyTrans. But don’t worry, all these problems have easy fixes. For example:

  • Installer not launching: One of the reasons the installer may not launch is that maybe your antivirus and firewall is preventing it. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus/firewall. Now, this may seem a bit shady, but fret not. All AnyTrans software are 100% safe and virus free, and signed with their iMobile Ltd company certificate.
  • Chrome Warning: While downloading the installer, your browser may warn you about the potential threat of the file you are about to download. But rest assured, all your data and privacy is safe. Just click on ‘keep’ and let AnyTrans do its thing!
  • Windows Warning: Yes, if Chrome and your antivirus wasn’t enough, you need to assure Windows too! If Windows shows a pop up asking if you want to allow app to make changes to your device, just click ‘Yes’. Once again, AnyTrans is completely safe.

AnyTrans for Android Features

  • A desktop, web, and mobile app: Having AnyTrans on your phone as well as you PC makes it easier to access your data more thoroughly.
  • Wireless Transfer: One of the main reasons to use AnyTrans for your data management needs is its ability to transfer data using Wi-Fi. This makes data management easy and quick. You can manage all your Android’s data from your PC. From renaming files to creating backups, all can be done with a few clicks!
  • Media Downloader: AnyTrans doesn’t only manage the data you already have on your device, it also helps to manage and transfer new media. The Media Downloader allows you to download videos and music from over a thousand sites and transfer them to your Android Device with just one click. The desktop app has a built-in search engine that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Android Mover: This is one of the best features of AnyTrans for Android, especially since the recent release of Samsung Galaxy Note 10. You can use Android Mover to transfer all your data from your old Android/iOS device to your new Android device. Not just the media, Android Mover allows you to transfer text messages from your iOS device to your new Android device.

Here are the steps to transfer you iMessages to your Android device:

  1. Launch AnyTrans on your computer and connect your Android and iOS devices via USB
  2. Click on Android Mover and select ‘iOS to Android’ mode
  3. Tick on ‘Messages’ and click next

That’s it! You can easily transfer messages from iPhone to Android device. It’s that simple!


AnyTrans is one of the easiest ways to manage your phone’s data from your computer. It doesn’t just manage and transfer data, it does it in the most convenient and time-saving way. As far as pricing goes, a single user license for lifetime is $39.99 ($29.99 for a year) and $69.99 for family license for 5 computers. 

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