21 Apne TV Alternatives for 2023 – Explore the Latest and Best Indian TV!

by Sachin


For many years, apne tv has been one of India’s most popular streaming sites. It offers a wide range of entertaining shows and movies to viewers across all age groups. You’ll find everything on this platform, whether it is an old movie or a recent release. However, with so many of its competitors coming up in the past few years, how useful is apne tv?
This article will provide insight into 19 alternatives to apne TV that can be used in 2023. The list offers the streaming services’ features and advantages, which will help viewers decide where to watch their favorite shows and movies.

Current Status:

Apne tv has been one of India’s leading entertainment channels for a long time and continues to do so today. It is known for facilitating access to all kinds of international and national shows while providing viewers with an organized catalog to find the content they see quickly. Furthermore, due to its wide array of features, such as unlimited streaming, download option and parental control options, apne tv is a reliable source for delivering quality entertainment.

Best DesiTVBox Alternatives:


Destination Link: desitvbox.us

DesiTVBox is one of the most reliable alternatives available when it comes to searching for Indian entertainment online. It provides viewers access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, and live-streaming channels worldwide, such as India and Pakistan. The content is also high-definition, with many additional features for an excellent viewing experience.

Best DesiSerials Alternatives:


Destination Link: desi-serials.cc

DesiSerials is another popular streaming service that offers plenty of entertaining shows and movies based on Indian culture, including Bollywood movies and Punjabi dramas. It also provides HD streaming, giving viewers access to the latest content across genres, including comedy, drama, reality shows, sports, etc. Each genre comes conveniently categorized for more straightforward navigation, and you can also create your watchlist so that you never miss out on any new episode or release ever again!

Best Apne TV Alternatives:

Apne TV

Destination Link: apnetv.us

Apne TV is India’s official satellite television channel providing viewers with a curated selection of international and Indian content around the clock. It also offers reliable streaming positive with no interruptions and a variety of subscription packages so that people can access stuff for specific interests and choices only.

Best DesiRulez Alternatives:


Destination Link: desirulez.one

Desi Rulez is known for delivering Indian entertainment, mainly focusing on cricket, movies and TV shows across mobile phones, tablets etc. The website boasts a user-friendly interface that gives viewers fast yet uninterrupted streaming at all times while they also get access to reliable HD-quality streaming on their favorite shows.

Best Watch Indian TV Serials Online Alternatives:

Watch Indian TV Serials Online

Destination Link: Watching Indian Serials Online (Hindi TV Shows) (securitygladiators.com)

Watch Indian TV serials online is an excellent website for those who want to watch Hindi-dubbed content from international sources, including the US and Asian countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong etc. They have an enormous library containing hit shows in all languages, providing users with reliable yet uninterrupted streams of high-definition videos across different platforms such as laptops, mobiles, etcetera.

Best Hotstar Alternatives:


Destination Link: hotstar.com/in

Hotstar is a popular streaming service that runs various shows, movies and live sports events for Indian viewers. The website offers content in all languages so that people can access entertainment no matter where they come from. It also provides reliable HD streaming services and videos with subtitles to make every viewer’s experience smoother than ever.

Best YuppTV Alternatives:


Destination Link: yupptv.com

Yupp TV is yet another streaming service that allows people from all over the world to gain access to premium television channels originating from India. It offers content in both Hindi and English, available on various supported devices, including tablets, laptops and mobiles. Not only does this allow viewers to enjoy uninterrupted HD-resolution videos, but you can also watch your favorite shows anytime!

Best FreeInterTV Alternatives:


Destination Link: freeintertv.com

Freeintertv is an online video library providing audiences with the latest movie releases and hit TV shows from international channels. You get to select your favorite entertainment based on language, genre and region, allowing you to watch unlimited content in HD resolution free of cost!

Best SonyLIV Alternatives:


Destination Link: sonyliv.com

SonyLIV is an all-inclusive streaming service offering viewers access to Hindi movies and television series with just a few clicks. Apart from its vast collection of entertaining Indian shows and movies, it also offers some thrilling original web series and English content for those looking for international flavor. The streaming is always flawless, and the content library has been regularly updated to keep up with viewers’ ever-evolving interests!

Best CouchTuner Alternatives:


Destination Link: couchtuner.guru

Couchtuner is a platform where you can catch all your favorite movies and shows from across several languages, regions and genres. It has an impressive collection of TV series and films and offers high-definition picture quality so that every moment of action or drama feels even more accurate!

Best Voot Alternatives:


Destination Link: voot.com

Voot is another excellent source for watching various shows and movies from renowned Indian production houses such as Balaji, Colour and many others. This website is even more popular amongst cinematic buffs because of its convenient ways of dealing with censorship channels to provide maximum entertainment opportunities!

Best The Viral Fever Alternatives:

The Viral Fever

Destination Link: youtube.com/TheViralFeverVideos

The viral fever (TVF) has made quite a remarkable name for itself not only as a creative collection of original web series such as ‘Pitchers’ and ‘Tripling’ but also for providing a variety of other options like Bollywood movies, reality shows and many more. The service is readily available on multiple devices, including Android phones, making it an ideal destination for those looking to watch some Indian streaming content!

Best ApneTV Alternatives:


Destination Link: apnetv.link

ApneTV is another popular entertainment channel offering viewers access to an array of international TV channels alongside Indian ones. It provides reliable streaming capabilities for all its services, even in HD resolution so that viewers can enjoy a smooth viewing experience every time!

Best ApneTV.co Alternatives:


Destination Link: apne.co

ApneTV.co offers users access to multiple entertainment options like movies, regional shows and music videos while providing them with an organized content library that is easy to navigate. The service has been around since 2021 and obtained quite a fan base due to its reliability standards and high-definition video streaming!

Best ApneTV.com Alternatives:


Destination Link: apne-tv.online

ApneTV.com is quickly becoming a reliable streaming platform rivaling its competition with an extensive library filled with blockbuster movies and hit TV shows worldwide, including India, the US, Asia et al. This website provides viewers access to HD content on various devices ranging from desktops and laptops to mobile phones, ensuring nothing gets missed, even when you’re not at home!

Best Zenga TV Alternatives:

Zenga TV

Destination Link: zengatv.com

ZengaTV is one of the most reliable streaming services for Indian entertainment, as it offers a comprehensive library of movies and TV shows from almost all major languages, genres and regions. Plus, there are live-streaming channels for added convenience, so you miss out on neither Bollywood nor Hollywood.

Best India Everyday TV Alternatives:

India Everyday TV

Destination Link: indiatoday.in

India’s everyday tv provides audiences access to hit series and a seamless streaming experience. You can select the videos based on several genres and watch live sports and entertainment events as they happen!

Best YuppFlix Alternatives:


Destination Link: yuppflix.com

Yuppflix is an ideal platform for those looking to catch some great movies in Hindi-dubbed versions, so if you cannot understand English originals or prefer watching something natively vocabulary, then this website’s got your back! Moreover, it provides access to other regional content, like Punjabi, Bengali and Telugu, making it a go-to spot for all cinematic flavors.

Best HindiShows Alternatives:


Destination Link: hoichoi.tv/hindi-shows

HindiShows is an entertainment app that helps its viewers catch up on the latest shows from India in no time! They also cater to what allows their viewers your faves without signing up or providing a person. Plus, with several other features, such as bookmark favorites and watchlists, your entertainment experience will get better than ever!

Best HindishowsOnline.tv Alternatives:


Destination Link: hindimoviestv.com

HindiShows online. Tv makes it possible for its viewers to gain access to multiple Indian channels from all parts of the world. They have an organized content library that allows easy navigation, letting you select your shows in a few clicks! Plus, there’s a feature providing information about upcoming releases so that nothing gets missed, even when not aired on primetime TV.

Best Hindi Serials Online Alternatives:

Hindi Serials Online

Destination Link: links.giveawayoftheday.com/tvbiwi.com

Hindi Serials online make sure that viewers get access to their desired shows anytime, anywhere! Plus, with multiple languages selection and region-specific, which helps the viewership stay in sync with the cultural trends of our time, guaranteeing that this streaming service will have something for you no matter your preferences or interests!

Best ZEE5 Alternatives:


Destination Link: zee5.com

ZEE5 is another website giving its viewers access to a vast library of movies and shows from different regions in India. Apart from providing flexibility when selecting entertainment based on area, genre and language, the service also offers HD-quality streaming so that no moment gets left out, even when you’re watching remotely!


Apne tv has been one of India’s most popular streaming services for many years. However, with several competitors coming up in the past few years, it might be worth exploring the alternatives to determine which works best for each viewer’s needs. This article provides insight into 21 reliable ap ne tv alternatives to watch out for in 2023 and almost all the essential details of each streaming service.


What are some reliable apne tv alternatives you can use?

Numerous options for Apne TV are available online, such as DesiTVBox, Desiserials, Hotstar, Yupp TV and Freeintertv.

Are apne tv alternatives trustworthy?

Yes, most streaming services provide reliable streams to ensure viewers don’t experience buffering or lag while watching their desired shows or movies.

Do all apne tv alternatives offer HD-quality content?

Most popular streaming platforms provide High Definition streaming videos of their content. However, some may be unable to do so due to certain technological constraints.

Are there any apne tv alternatives offering exclusive content?

Many websites, such as Hotstar and Sony LIV, are known for their exclusive original web series, which can’t be found elsewhere!

Are there any free streaming sites like Apne TV available?

Many free streaming sites, such as Couch Tuner and Voot, are available online. These websites provide viewers with various shows without the hassle of registering or signing up!

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