Are Instagram Growth Services Worth It?

by Sachin

Social media networks, including Instagram, are becoming more saturated and competitive. Businesses of all sorts, influencers, and regular people have established their footprints on the platform, making it difficult for newbies to grow their Instagram accounts. Getting real followers on the social media platform is harder than ever, and so is engaging your audience. So, how do you cut through all the clutter to make your mark on Instagram?

Buying Instagram Followers

Exhausted by the efforts you made to grow your Instagram with little or no success, you may feel tempted to take a shortcut. Get Instagram followers in the thousands within a few days for just a few dollars! Sounds great, right? Why invest your time and energy into creating content and do all the hard work when there is a simple and quick way to get more followers? 

Buying Instagram followers may seem like worth the money until you stop using the service and your follower base plummets. Now you realize that the followers you purchased were not real people. Giving your Instagram into the hands of such illegitimate Instagram growth services can do more harm than good to your account. 

Several case studies have proven that these services use bots to increase your followers, which is against the terms and conditions of Instagram. You will risk getting your account banned or deleted by buying Instagram followers. Furthermore, these bot-based followers will not engage with your Instagram posts. These services don’t care about your target audience and engagement rate, which means you don’t get value for your money. 

Legitimate Instagram Growth Services

While we discourage buying fake Instagram followers, some legitimate Instagram growth services can grow your account organically. Organic Instagram growth services, such as SimplyGram and Sprout Social, use safe and legal techniques to get you more followers. In any case, it is a good idea to ask all such services for free trials to be sure they are genuine. 

But remember that unlike buying Instagram followers, do not expect these services to increase your followers by the thousands within a few days. However, you can rest assured that you would gain real followers who would show genuine interest in your content, something that is crucial for influencer marketing

SimplyGram is a leading service in the organic Instagram growing niche. The guys behind the service know what it takes to increase your follower base without violating Instagram’s terms and conditions. They use the right balance of growth tool, account management, and growth strategy to add value to your Instagram profile.


Whether Instagram growth services are worth it depends on the type of service you choose to grow your account. If you want to buy Instagram followers, it’s not just not worth it but also risky for your account. Avoid any service that offers you thousands of followers within days. However, it is safe to use organic Instagram growth services like SimplyGram. These services will naturally grow your follower base over time. 

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