Beginner’s Guide To Label Design

by Sachin

If you’re a business owner who is just starting out or you want to make some changes to your company, you likely need to know more about label design. If you want your brand to be successful, it’s important to create a label design that will immediately get the attention of customers and provide valuable information about your company.

Before you settle on the perfect label design, make sure you have the right tools and an accurate idea of the design you want. Here are a few basics you should keep in mind when it comes to the right label for your business.

Having The Right Design Tools

It’s important to have the right design tools before you start the label creation process. Start brainstorming before you create any graphics. You’ll need a quality pen or pencil, notepad, and colored pencils. If you have an individual on your team who is particularly artistic, you may also want to purchase a sketchbook so you can look at several drafts before making your final decision.

The art supplies can help you determine the design and color scheme. Once you’ve taken care of these elements of your labels, it’s time to start figuring out how to incorporate your logo into the design. Think about some keywords that instantly make you think about the products and services your business offers. The words you use can also help you come up with the right color combinations to increase brand recognition. Narrow your choices down to two or three options so you won’t be overwhelmed when it’s time to make a final decision.

Next, you need to go online so you can see some label samples that relate to your industry. For instance, if you’re selling beauty products like hair moisturizer or body wash, search for labels for grooming products. This will give you ideas for the right font and wording for your items.

Label Design Creation

Select your colors carefully based on the message you want to relay to potential customers. Don’t be afraid to use bold shades or several colors for your logo. After all, you’re trying to get people’s attention. Experiment with font styles and text size until you get everything just right. You may also want to utilize some design software to help you perfect your logo or use a high-definition camera to take a picture of the label design you’ve created.

Getting High-Quality Labels For Your Company

If you’re creating product labels for the first time, it’s best to hire professionals who can perfect the designs for you. Make sure the label printing company you select has years of experience and plenty of satisfied customers. You should also present the company with at least three design ideas. The graphic design team can pull elements from each design to come up with quality labels that accurately represent your business.

When you work with a graphic design company, be honest about all the things you want to make your logo unique. Make sure your input is valued and check each draft carefully to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the finished product.

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