Best Trading Platforms You Can Use Right Now

by Sachin


The video game industry remains among the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, and Ukrainian companies are very much part of this process. According to research firm NewZoo, the global games market is going to make around USD 135 billion in revenue in 2018, which is almost twice as much as in 2012. Forecasts continue to predict double-digit annual growth for years to come. Companies with Ukrainian roots or offices in Ukraine have had a fair share of success in the global gaming industry, contributing to its fast-paced development with a vast variety of games ranging from mobile titles to top-tier PC and console franchises such as Metro by 4A Games or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. by GSC Game World.

DMarket is one of the gaming companies with a strong Ukraine connection that is boosting the worldwide expansion of the video game industry. DMarket offers developers ready-to-use technology and a platform for monetizing their titles through trading in-game items. It is a novel service that also benefits players, content creators and the gaming community as a whole.

Game universes are not connected to each other in any way. There is no safe and easy way to trade between them. It’s a massive problem for many gamers, am I right? DMarket have resolved this problem using blockchain technology. The idea of tokenization is central to the blockchain where any item can be represented as a token on the blockchain.  It has taken the digital platform to another level by enabling users to trade without worrying about fraudsters. Besides, it creates an emerging economy around digital assets where they become real items. There are an estimated 2.3 billion gamers worldwide and ample opportunity to monetize digital assets. The gaming economy is estimated at $450 billion.

The user can register on the platform using e-mail or Steam account. These two options are also available with a subsequent login on DMarket. Сonnecting with Steam will allow you to see all the items in the inventory; respectively, they will be available for future trading with a Dmarket account.

The user can put up for sale his item; after this, it will appear in the market and will be available for purchase by other users. When putting up for sale, you can be guided by recommended prices, as well as the periods after which the item can be sold at these prices, or you can set your price. The item offered for sale can be purchased on the market or with the help of the target.

Target is a kind of order for the purchase of a particular item. This feature allows you to create a request for the purchase of an item with any characteristics and at the desired price. Target is executed after a suitable offer appears on the market, or the owner of an appropriate item decides to sell it instantly. It means that the user can sell his item instantly and immediately get money for it. This operation implies a target for an item that can be sold right now. The user will see in his inventory what items he can sell immediately and how much he can get for them.

In addition, you can exchange your items, which are available for instant sale, for items from the market. If the equivalence of exchange is not achieved, the user can pay the missing amount. All transactions made by you can be seen in the history of your account.

One of the key features of the new version on DMarket is its ease of use, which is due to the possibility of carrying out all the main trade operations on one page.  Besides, the site has a really cool and user-friendly design . enables new market of skins trading, providing you with commission-free experience of selling skins. Being a one-pager platform, it’s incredibly comfy, allowing users with the “newbie” level to get into the whole process pretty fast.

The first thing we must talk about is reputation. With most trading services, there is no chance of getting scammed since they offer peer to peer deals through Valve. Here, however, you must be careful because you actually receive cold hard cash for your items. Not to worry, however, because is quite reputable, and definitely legitimate. They have been around for a good while now, and there has never been a scam accusation against them that has gone unresolved.

This site is ready to buy most of the skins from your inventory and pay for them with real money. The service accepts items from a few games: CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

And one more important thing. This service can assure an instant payment. So, if you need money urgently, it may be an excellent option to stick. By the way, offers are 11+ payment methods, from Visa and MasterCard to QIWI and Bitcoin wallet. also enables several sweet features. If you like watching Twitch gaming streams just as I do — then you can use skins as a payment method on Twitch! It is pretty amazing, in my humble opinion.

No need to pay with real money, when you can easily spend a few unnecessary skins on a monthly subscription.

Overall experience of is satisfactory. We’ve sold the skins by making several clicks and received money in 2 minutes. Their FAQ section is very informative and detailed, there are some Trustpilot reviews from customers, 24/7 live chat.  

The design and ease of use of the website is quite impressive. It has a simple dark design that looks nice and is pleasing to the eye. More importantly, everything is clearly labeled so that you can make sense of what to do, and when to do it. They have tabs on the top of the home page that direct you to all parts of the site, and they have a really helpful infographic that shows you how exactly to use their service. Anyone can simply log onto their site through their Steam ID and get started within minutes!

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