20 Buffstreams Alternatives that Will Take Your Streaming Experience to a Whole New Level

by Sachin

Along with millions of customers who have been searching for an alternate streaming option after Buffstreams, the recent changes in IPL and other sports greatly underlined the need for reliable live streamers.

This article brings forward 20 alternatives which are some of the best bets in this period.

Current Status of Buffstreams in 2023

Buffstreams discontinued its services back in 2021 due to certain issues that arose between it and the respective sports organizations.

In order for users to watch live streams without any interruption or disruption, numerous alternate streaming services were required.

So we have rounded up some of the top alternatives with a resolution-pleasing description.

20 Best Alternatives To Buffstreams

Sony Liv


Developed by Sony Entertainment Network, this streaming platform gives access to some of the most popular sports leagues and matches.

It transpires viewers with new episodes right after their television airing and also enables them to watch HD quality streams without any commercials.



This is one of the premier live streamers out there and provides HD-quality streams for users in the US. Apart from viewing live sports all over the world, it also enables access to top-rated cable networks.



This streaming service mainly focuses on providing a vast library of movies where around about 15000 titles are available to choose from. However, it is also known for its excellent streams that come with audio commentary by some noted experts.



This service, available mainly in India and the United States, allows viewers to access HD-quality streams of top-rated sports leagues. It also pivots its content based on regional taste while providing some exclusive videos.



It is one of the fastest-growing streaming services. It is a preferable and better alternative to Buffstreams due to its advanced streaming option with loads of sports available right on the homepage.



This specific service is designed for basketball fans from all around the world. Over the past few months, it has gained a tremendous reputation among basketball followers mostly because of its exceptional sound quality and HD resolution streams.



This is a renowned streaming service that provides access to numerous sports channels with the convenience of one click. Not only it enables users to enjoy live streams but also offers movie trailers and music videos.



Mainly for cricket fans out there, this platform segregates its content based on tour dates and countries. User can filter their searches and can also enjoy live streaming of several genres.



This software allows viewers to watch their favorite match with foreign broadcasts. It is extremely easy and convenient for users living in North America as most of the time no registration or signup is required here.



It is an ideal source for visitors who wish to watch sports and matches online. Not only streams HD broadcasts but also offers a database of upcoming events that could be useful.



It segments its content by sports leagues and enables users to high-definition videos without any registration or fee whatsoever. It also usually features numerous games at the same time so viewers can switch between them if the need arises.



It undoubtedly is one the most renowned and popular streaming sites of all time. Along with its fantastic on-demand services, it provides live sports from 720 to 1080 p resolution.



Yet another exceptional option for viewers who are looking forward to witnessing some of the best classes of live streaming.

This platform really sets itself apart from competitors as streams are not only continuous but also offered in HQ quality.



This specific service allows access to numerous sports channels and almost every match could be accessed without interruption or disruption.

Once you register with this site, updates about related news and upcoming fixtures will come automatically.



This one is a fan favorite as it cascades streams with no buffering on the HD channels. It allows viewers to view replays and highlights so people don’t miss their favorite actions even if they can attend matches.



It offers low-latency transmissions which are necessary at times of peak traffic. Not only it delivers streams in brilliant resolution but also offers updates about particular sports.


VIP League

This service might seem familiar to other streaming sites as its layout is pretty much the same. It provides access to live HD streams of mostly football leagues and offers ESPN, Sky Sports, and BBC transmissions for free.



Previously known as FirstRowSports, this website offers fairly high-quality videos and a great streaming experience.

After signing up viewers can access numerous sports and all their replays which makes it a frontrunner in the industry.



For those who have failed to find what they are looking for due to Buffstreams termination, Red stream sports will be exactly the same kind of service. It not only allows viewers to watch their favorite sports but also offers exclusive coverage on weekends.

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV

This is a revolutionary streaming service as it provides exact match timings, team news, and even stadium addresses whenever needed.

In addition, viewers are allowed to listen to audio commentary in numerous languages such as English and Spanish.

Buffstreams FAQs

Q1. What happened to Buffstreams?

Due to some legal issues which arose between it and the respective sports organization, Buffstreams was forced to discontinue its services back in 2021.

Q2. Is BuffStreams shut down permanently?

Yes, according To the official announcement made by BuffStreams, their services have been terminated permanently.

Q3. What happened to the website?

Due to certain issues with Sports organizations and other legal entities, Buffstreams was shut down in 2021.

Q4. Are there any stable alternatives to Buffstreams?

Yes, there are numerous alternatives to Buffstreams that can get you through the match without any interruption. This article lists some of them.

Q5. Are these streaming services working?

Yes, All of these streaming service work perfectly fine on computers and smart devices for uninterrupted sports matches

Q6. Does it cost money?

No, All of these streaming services are free and can be accessed without any registration or signup.


In a world where people have been searching for an alternative after Buffstreams’ shutdown, 20 alternatives provide much-needed reprieve. With high-resolution matches and extensive coverage, these services present users with the best possible solution at no extra cost.

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