Can a Vibrant Social Media Presence Increase Your Brand Credibility?

by Sachin

Credibility plays a big role when building a successful e-commerce business. Whether you’re running a new venture or an existing one, how customer perceive your brand online is key to your success.

The increasing rate of security breaches means declining overall trust in online businesses. Fortunately, you can use the power of social media to enhance your brand credibility. Winning customer trust means better conversion rate and more online sales.

Today, social media provide a platform where brands engage and interact with customers. Moreover, it has been integrated into the marketing process and plays a key role in boosting brand awareness and generating leads.

Social media now helps in building your brand’s credibility. So, how do you use social media to enhance your online presence and build brand credibility?

Here is how.

Start or Increase Your Social Media Efforts

Launch your social media campaign even before you launch your brand. This will help you to create an online history and makes it easier for new user to find you once you launch your product.

If you have an existing brand, you should increase your efforts. Managing different social media platforms can be challenging. However, you can use an automation tool to post your content in different platform at a scheduled time. All you have to do is to prepare the content in advance and post during peak hours.

Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

Building a strong social media presence will enhance your online credibility. You can only achieve this by posting the right content consistently. Set your publishing timelines across your selected platforms and never fail to meet them.

Keep Tabs on the Latest Trends in your Industry

Keeping track of what is happening in your industry is easy. You can check the latest trends in your feed across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Take advantage of this and create posts based on these topics and connect with potential customers who are following the latest trends. However, you must pay attention not to write posts that are not relevant to your brand. There is a need to maintain authenticity rather than add noise to a trending topic that will have no value to your niche.

Remember, you’ll always have competition across the social media platforms. Be smart and take advantage of their activities. Learn from their content on what to engage users and things to avoid.

Experiment your Content

Leverage all available features provided on any social media channel. For instance, if you are posting something on Instagram, post videos, images, carousel posts; use hashtag and stickers, among others. You can then monitor your engagement metric so that you can narrow down to the features that work for you.

This will help you improve the effectiveness of your content. You can now refine your content and be able to settle on the best options for future posts.

It’s important to learn that media post with hashtags has more engagement than those without them. You can harness this power. Hashtag makes your content searchable and smaller.

Create Quality Content

You engage and connect with your customers through your content. Posting quality and informative content in your blog is necessary to build a credible brand.

Great content can help you to build’s identity and trust, which can turn your customers into becoming your brand ambassadors. It’s easy for users to share good and informative content in their social media channels.

If this seems to be a daunting task, you can seek professional blog writing service and get things going.

Brand Communication

Today, customers desire to relate to your business before they buy your product or service. This means engaging the customer on a more personal level. There’s no better media channel to achieve this other than your social media platforms. Use your channel to convey the brand’s story to the audience.

You can even go a notch higher and tag others to get them talking. It takes a minute if not seconds to tag people in your post. This will instantly amply your content.

Your efforts should be in tandem with your personal identity. Leverage content marketing to create a great personal identity. This will actually enhance your online credibility.

Focus on Customer Experience

Your customer has a significant influence on your brand’s reputation. You must, therefore, engage them and keep them happy. Focus on creating great customer experiences and share some of them on your social media. Encourage your customer to share and post in their profile. Such an authentic approach will lead to enhanced brand credibility.

Use Videos

Video content can help your brand connect with consumers better than text. Use of static web text and stock photos is no longer working. You’ve to be creative. Your target consumers are now more accustomed to reality shows, and fast content and they expect the same from you.

You can post these videos in your youtube channel or facebook. Analyze the engagement and improve your content over time.

Fine-Tune your Profile

Consumers want to identify the personality behind a particular brand. Recognition is therefore an important part of building brand credibility. When the user checks your social profiles, they should be able to recognize your brand and learn what you’re all about.

Edit and organize those social bios and profile images. A clean and optimized profile will do wonders. Remember that user’s attention spans are microscopic.

Use Social as a Tool for Teaching

In the marketing world, more credible brands make efforts to teach their audiences. The “how to” kind of content, buying guide and tutorials attract a lot of attention. Posting this kind of content will position you as a thought leader in your industry and increase your brand credibility.

Act now

Building the credibility of your brand is an integral part of your overall marketing activities. Effective use of social media channels can help you achieve this goal.

Social media engagement is critical in our technology-driven consumer market. The more you enhance your online presence, the better the chances of increasing your credibility.

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 Author: Benjamin Shepardson is the founder of NoStop Content. With an extensive career in digital marketing and web development, Ben’s knowledge of the industry has enabled small businesses to scale and grow through well-crafted content and strategy.

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