CPQ For Dynamic Sales Teams

by Sachin

The goal of guided selling and a defined sales process is to construct a template for a successful sale that can be used with every prospect. But what happens when a sales scenario doesn’t fit the template? Automating and systemizing the sales process with CPQ solutions, CRM, and sales automation, helps sales reps handle all types of sales situations.

Each sale is different, so the solution is to create a dynamic process that can adapt to each sales situation. By doing so, you can make sure your sales solutions are used to their fullest. There are several aspects to keep in mind when building adaptive and dynamic sales quoting processes.

Configure Multiple Solutions

Complex and customizable solutions require your sales reps to enter more data, and 71% of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry already. For your CPQ solution to generate proposals adapted to each prospect’s preferences, you’ll need to preload and plan out all possible configurations in your system. The right solution can save your reps a considerable amount of time.

Create Rules for Complex Situations

Many reps have learned rules and strategies from years of experience, and with CPQ this experience can be shared with new reps. You can create rules to improve your CPQ’s guided selling functionality and reduce your sales rep’s learning curve. Once knowledge and rules are shared, it’ll be easier for a sales rep to know what to pitch to a client; if a client doesn’t want X, pitch then Y, if they want neither then pitch them Z. Sharing this knowledge also ensures that your prospects receive quotes for product configurations that meet their particular needs.

Enforce the Use of CPQ Solutions

CPQ solutions don’t help if your reps avoid using them. Full adoption of CPQ requires your reps to be educated about what the platform can do. It also means you have to regularly make sure your sales reps are using this solution to its fullest.

CPQ solutions can improve a sale rep’s effectiveness, and enforced sales processes can generate higher quota attainment. However, if reps don’t properly execute sales solutions they will see lower results and be less inclined to continue using the solution.

CPQ Encourages Company Growth

Dynamic sales situations produce challenges for sales reps but also produce opportunities. If sales reps become used to handling complex sales processes, your company will have an advantage over other companies. Businesses are working to simplify and establish streamlined sales strategies. Using dynamic sales solutions, such as DealHub CPQ, your company will have a better chance of competing against those that still struggle with their sales processes.

Check out this infographic to learn more about the value of CPQ for sales teams.

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