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by Sachin

Orfox is a safe browsing app for Android that’s designed to protect users and their privacy. If you’re one of those people who take their online privacy very seriously, you’d know you can’t just trust any browser on the internet. You can’t be 100% sure whether your data and online behavior are being recorded. 

There are many such browsers available for all types of platforms, including mobile. Let’s dig deeper to find out whether this browser app in particular delivers. 

How Does Orfox Work?

Orfox is based on the same source code as the popular Tor browser. Tor, in turn, is based on Mozilla Firefox. 

Orfox works in conjunction with another app called Orbot. This app basically makes the connection to the Tor Network. Orfox, on the other hand, is for browsing websites on the network. 

So you can’t really use Orfox without Orbot on your Android phone. You have to have both apps installed. 

Since this browser is based on Tor, it has the same script except for a few minor changes for security and privacy features. 

In essence, it works like any other browser as you can visit websites by directly entering their web address or use a search engine to search for web pages. However, all of that happens anonymously, so unlike other major browsers, no one can know where the queries are being made or by who.

Is Orfox Secure?

Yes, security is the number one aspect of this private browser app. It’s an encrypted browser, which means all the information going in and out of the device is fully encrypted (coded) to prevent hackers from accessing it. 

With NoScript and HTTPSEverywhere, it provides general protection against malicious content. Another great thing is that Orfox can also block popups, which often have bogus and scam links to dupe people. 

In addition to that, you get warnings when visiting malicious websites, so you can leave immediately. Android devices are often susceptible to viruses from the internet, which can mess up their performance. Therefore, browsing securely is important.

If you’re a parent wondering what the security features are like for children, you’d be happy to know that you can set up parental settings or use the app lock to shut access altogether. This way, your children won’t end up accessing any inappropriate access. 

Is Orfox the Same as Tor Browser?

Yes, but also no, as Orfox is based on Tor browser but with modifications. If you’ve used Tor before, you will find massive similarities. After all, it’s based on the open-source script of Tor. 

However, if you’re a tech-savvy person who knows how to code, you’ll see some differences in the source code of the two on GitHub. There are two modified patches that, truth be told, aren’t that relevant to Android. 

Benefits of Orfox

Orfox as a browser provides the following benefits:

  • Anonymous Browsing: It doesn’t let websites know your identity, so you can browse them anonymously. No one can trace your activity on the internet, so you can visit websites without any worries about your privacy. 
  • Secure Transactions: You can make secure transactions with your credit or debit card, as the browser keeps hackers at bay. It doesn’t save any of your information, so your card info never gets saved.
  • Access to Secure Websites Only: It automatically warns you when a website seems shady. This cuts down the time you spend on it and reduces the chances of malware infestation or hacker attacks. 
  • No Annoying Popups: Many websites have those annoying pop-ups, oftentimes with malicious backlinks. This browser blocks them, so your activity doesn’t get interrupted. 

How to Use Orfox on PC?

You can get Orfox PC by simply downloading its APK file. Again, you’ll also need to Orbot apps APK file for it to work properly. But before you do any of that, you need an emulator. 

Nox Player is a reliable Android emulator for PC and Mac that you can use to access the Orfox browser. So first, you need to download the emulator from official website. 

Once downloaded and installed on your PC, you can go ahead and drag and drop the two APK files onto the emulator home screen. That’s it, and you’re ready to use the browser on your PC. 

Note: Orfox may not be available on the Google Play store within the Nox Player emulator, so it’s best to install it through the APK file copy/paste operation. 

Wrap Up

Orfox uses Tor Network to provide you secure browsing experience on Android. However, you can even use it on your PC the same way you do on the phone using an Android emulator. It’s a simple, quick, and secure way to browse websites without the risk of hackers and malware. 

You can also customize settings to make security even more robust. 

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