21 F1 TV Alternatives for 2023: Get Ready to Catch the Action!

by Sachin

F1 TV is a subscription service that gives its subscribers full access to Formula 1 racing content including live broadcasts of races, highlights, vintage videos, as well as in-depth analysis from former drivers and experts alike. With this service offering access to all Grand Prix events across all sessions, every race of the year is covered.

Current Status of f1 TV in 2023

In 2021, F1 TV was offered in more than 150 countries and has become one of the most popular subscription services for Formula 1 fans across the globe. As we move into 2023 however, there are talks that new streaming platforms will be entering the market providing viewers with additional entertainment options. Today’s article looks at 21 potential alternatives to F 1 TV for 2023.

Best Alternatives to F1 TV in 2023

Sling TV

Sling TV

Destination URL: https://www.sling.com/

Sling offers live streaming of many channels as well as pay-per-view options so that you can always stay up to date with your favorite racing content throughout the year. In addition, it includes a 30-day free trial program which enables customers to test out the service without any commitment.

Fubo TV


Destination URL: https://www.fubo.tv/

Fubo has become increasingly popular over the years as a streaming platform for sports content with it providing access to Formula 1 in recent times too. Its interface is easy and intuitive, and coupled with its cloud-based DVR feature you’ll never miss a race again! Subscribers receive access to F1 TV’s on-demand archives as well.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Destination URL: https://tv.youtube.com/

YouTube has had its support for sports content for some time now, providing access to over 80+ channels including F1 programming throughout the year! Additional partnerships like NFL Sunday Ticket and Fox Sports make it a great option from the 2023 season onwards.



Destination URL: https://www.espn.com/

The world-renowned sports media channel will continue to provide access to both Formula 1 as well as other sporting content. What was very much like F1 TV, ESPN offers live events of all Grand Prix races along with highlights that are accessible from their website or app on your device.



Destination URL: https://f1streams.pro/

This is the hottest player in the streaming arena which provides access to Formula 1 without the need for a cable TV subscription. All the way through 2021 and into 2023, F1Streams.pro will be providing that ease of access with it also being on select smart TVs too.



Destination URL: https://www.servustv.com/

Servus offers live streams as well as on-demand options which include catch-up from races of past seasons – all this is included free of charge if you are an Austrian National. For everyone else, you can purchase their access as a subscription-based service at great value for the year 2023.



Destination URL: https://tvthek.orf.at/

The national broadcaster in Austria offers its content to all Europeans via satellite and then through digital media like WebTV streaming online or using its apps on devices. As one of the few broadcasting outlets offering free streamings of Formula 1 – ORF is definitely not to be overlooked.

RTL Zwee

RTL Zwee

Destination URL: https://www.rtl.lu/

This broadcaster from Luxemburg has for some time now been showing F1 content and in the coming season we expect nothing less than more of what it offers presently – including TV broadcasts, streams on their website or app as well as highlights packages too! Subscription services to this outlet are also available.



Destination URL: https://www.rtbf.be/

This Belgian network is also included in the list for 2023, with it boasting a vast range of free streaming content – including full coverage of every Grand Prix through its TV channel and website as well as archived footage which can be enjoyed at your own ease from past seasons.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Destination URL: https://www.foxsports.com.au

This Australian network has always been a great partner in terms of providing its viewer’s access to Formula 1 racing content. Interestingly for the 2023 season, Fox Sports could even broadcast on free-to-air TV channels! This is definitely one you do not want to miss if you are an F1 fan down under.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports

Destination URL: https://kayosports.com.au/

For the Aussies who prefer something over a conventional TV network, Kayo provides an alternative through which F1 content can be streamed in HD quality. Additionally, you get access to more sports content from the main Fox Sports channels too!



Destination URL: https://f1livestream.top/

This is another streaming platform that has picked up steam over recent years and it offers exactly what its name suggests – all Formula 1 live streams covering every race and weekend with the aim of offering a great service to those who cannot access F1 TV.

Formula 1 2023 TV Coverage Rights: TV Channel and Broadcasters List

Formula 1 2023 TV Coverage Rights

Destination URL: https://www.sportingfree.com/f1/formula-1-tv-channels-list/

A good place to visit for information on broadcasting rights is this website – covering each broadcaster who will show Formula 1 live events in 2023 and it also provides links to the relevant streaming sites too.

How to Watch F1 TV / F1 TV Pro on Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch F1TV F1TV Pro on Samsung Smart TV

Destination URL: https://smartdigihere.com/f1-tv-on-samsung-smart-tv/

This website offers an informative tutorial on how you can watch Formula 1 footage from your Samsung Smart TV using its app which comes preloaded with modern models. It’ll be a great convenience if you have one of these devices at home!

F1 TV App and Pro Subscription in India: Should You Get It?

F1 TV App and Pro Subscription in India

Destination URL: https://www.gadgets360.com/entertainment/features/f1-tv-pro-subscription-app-formula-1-2-3-streaming-price-features-how-to-use-india-3841382

F1 TV is available in India, this website informs us that should you choose to access F1 content by subscribing to its pro membership. It’ll be especially useful for those living in the Asian continent who can follow their national teams no matter where they are on Grand Prix day – all them need is an internet connection!

JustUseApp – F 1 TV Alternatives, Similar Apps & Competitors 2023


Destination URL: https://justuseapp.com/en/app/1315007279/f1-tv/similar

For anyone looking to find alternatives to F 1 TV for the upcoming season, JustUse is a great one-stop location with it being an OK hub for information updates and comparison on apps offering similar services.

Best alternatives to F1TV? : r/F 1TV – Reddit

rF 1TV - Reddit

Destination URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/F1TV/

For those who prefer to get their information from forums, this is a great thread on Reddit that primarily caters to answers relating to F 1 TV – listing out alternatives and discussing the pros and cons of each as well can do the same too!

Formula 1 Live Stream – Watch F 1 Live Stream Online Free HD – F1Streams

Formula 1 Live Stream

Destination URL: https://f1streams.to/live

The streaming world of Formula 1 continues to be flooded with new services such as this one here which offers not only live streams but also access to past races and highlights too! A dedicated management team is hard at work behind the scenes pushing for a more user-friendly experience in 2023.

Formula 1 Live Stream – Watch F 1 Live Stream Online Free HD – F1LiveGP.Com

Formula 1 Live Stream.

Destination URL: https://f1livegp.com/live

F1Live is yet another streaming service and with its focus on promoting user interaction – you’ll be able to enjoy a real-time chat while watching your favorite racer during the actual race too!

Formula 1 Live Stream – Watch F 1 Live Stream Online Free HD – Cricfree.sc

Formula 1 Live Stream cricfress

Destination URL: https://cricfree.sc/watch/live/formula-1-grand-prix-live-streaming

Cricfree provides access to Formula 1 for free and offers more choices of streaming sites too! With live updates being available all throughout the season, this one is sure to be on many people’s bookmarks by 2023.

Formula 1 Live Stream – Watch F 1 Live Stream Online Free HD – VIPLeague.lc

Formula 1 Live Stream vipleague

Destination URL: http://vipleague.lc/formula-1-sports-stream

One of the newer entrants in the streaming market, this service is sure to become popular by 2023 as it packs many features into one package – from watching live races and highlights to post-race interviews with drivers too! You can also subscribe here for a minimal fee if following Formula 1 more professionally.


With a surge of potential alternatives being available by the time 2023 arrives Formula 1 fans have more options than ever to get quick access on race day. From services like F1TV and ESPN to streaming platforms such as YouTube TV and Sling – you’ll never miss another moment of the Grand Prix! Do your research before picking a service that engages with you in the best way so that you can enjoy an informed viewing experience for years to come.


Q: Is there a free F1 Streaming service?

A: Yes, depending on where you live – certain sources like ORF in Austria offer some Formula 1 streaming services for free. However, it is important to note that they are region-restricted too, and can’t be accessed outside of the country unless you use a virtual private network (VPN).

Q: What channels show Formula 1 races?

A: There are a few broadcasters that show F 1 on TV – including ESPN, Fox Sports (Australia), RTL Zwee (Luxembourg), and ServusTV (Austria).

Q: Are there any Formula 1 related App?

A: Yes, the official F1 app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Alternatively for those who want to watch from their Smart TV – F1TV is available as an app. Both these apps do however require subscription fees associated with them in order to use their features.

Q: Who are some of the Formula 1 Drivers for the 2023 season?

A: The drivers’ list is still being determined but a few names have been announced which include Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc among many others too! It’s expected that Nico Hulkenberg will also make a return to the grid for this season.

Q: Is it possible to stream Formula 1 content on Apple TV?

A: Yes, with the F1TV and ESPN apps being available on Apple TV – you can watch all your favorite coverage from both platforms right at home! It is important however to keep in mind that depending on which option you choose – these have different fee structures associated with them too.

Q: Is there a way to save money on Formula 1 streaming?

A: There are packages available that let you stream multiple sports at once – meaning you’ll be able to watch the Formula 1 race live as well as another sport from the same service which ultimately saves on costs in the long run. Additionally, certain services do have packages that allow free streams for selected races often too!

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