Facebook adjusted its advertising statistics

by Sachin

Facebook cleans up in its advertising statistics. The social network would in future no longer clicks on ads cost incurred unintentionally as such. In addition, Facebook is introducing two new analysis values.

Whether in the browser or in the app: the user experience on Facebook is more a moving as a static. Especially in mobile use, the user is actually in constant scroll mode.

Accordingly low is the attention that is a single post to part. Analyzes speak of values ​​just over a second. Now and then it happens that the wiping motion to scroll triggers a click.

Since this interaction is unintentional, the user usually ended as soon as possible the page load. If the page is already shown, he will immediately return to the newsfeed.

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Adjusted advertising Statistics

This phenomenon publishers and advertisers on the other hand are firstly affected. However, especially for advertisers this inadvertent clicks are a nuisance. They ensure that the value of own display by the short residence time and lack of interaction decreases.

To clean the advertising statistics such impurities are advertising placements that produce such clicks, no longer supported in the Audience Network. This tells Facebook in a blog post with.

To find out when a click is created unintentionally, Facebook has conducted in-depth analyzes. These have shown that the time spent on the landing page is a good factor.

the user spends after clicking on an ad from the audience and content network less than two seconds, the click with a high probability by mistake arose. These clicks will no longer be counted.

Two new metrics for advertisers

In addition, Facebook is the desire of many advertiser is to gradually has its advertising statistics added two new indicators.

  1. The  gross impressions combine all ad impressions (billed and not billed) together ,will not be charged if they had the same users appear shortly before.
  2. The  auto-refresh impressions  give detailed insights into the ad impressions that have arisen through advertisements in the right column in the desktop version of Facebook.

Facebook wants to create with the new analysis capabilities and streamlining the advertising statistics, more transparency for advertisers.

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