New facebook update -Slow loading websites will Hit with the new algorithm

by Sachin

New Facebook update screwed again on his newsfeed algorithm and setting new priorities. The most recent update has consequences for publishers with slow-loading mobile sites. Their products will in future be played less from Facebook users. So Page Speed ​​is more important than ranking factor.

Facebook wants to offer its users both on desktop and mobile in the app the best possible user experience. Helps the newsfeed algorithm at much.

He decides which posts a user sees and in what order they are played him. The sooner a Facebook post will appear in the timeline the higher the probability that he is seen and clicked.

Factor Page Speed: Shorter waiting times for users

What factors determine the newsfeed algorithm accurately know is Facebook itself. However, quite some time puts Facebook emphasis on fast-loading articles and videos. With the latest update of the ranking factor Page Speed ​​gets even more influence.

The two Facebook engineers Jiayi Wen and Shengbo Guo explained in a blog post that in the coming months more publisher stories are displayed that load faster on mobile devices. “This allows users to spend more time to read stories that are relevant to them,” say the two employees.

The basis for rebalancing the Facebook algorithm is an internal investigation. Thus, 40 percent of visitors leave a website if it is not loaded after three seconds.

This frustrating experience should not fall back on Facebook as information provider. Therefore, a new barrier is introduced with the Page Speed.

Implications for publishers

In addition to the expected load time of a page in the mobile app Facebook takes on two other factors in the calculation. Firstly check the network, how fast (or slow) is your current Internet connection. Second, the average page load time publisher also affects the placement.

Facebook itself assumes that most site operators will not notice any significant changes. Publisher with slow websites (for example, because of advertisements or videos) less Facebook traffic be recorded.

The pressure of Facebook on publishers to build fast, user-friendly websites, taking with this newsfeed update again.

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