Facebook’s fight against fake news going into the next round

by Sachin

facebook against fake news

Already a few months Facebook has taken action against fake news sites and since then identifies potential hoaxes. Now the company has announced further measures – and wants to introduce a ban on advertising for our staff, spread the repeated “doubted content”.

All this, however, seems to have limited to reduce the flow of Fake News: On Monday, the company in a blog post announced further tightening. In detail these are as follows: Pages that repeatedly spread false reports on Facebook, is forbidden to continue to advertise on the social media platform. Specific details of how many news must have shared with untruth content page to get imposed a ban on advertising, but does not do Facebook.

The goal is to dry up the flow of money from fake pages, will the makers of such false reports withdrawn so that the financial incentive. “Today’s update helps in particular to prevent the economic incentives. This is another step for people to see more reliable information on Facebook, “write the two Facebook product manager Satwik Shukla and Tessa Lyons.

While the social network is working on an improvement of one’s own search algorithm , but currently it is still on messages from third parties  rely. Can this a hoax than just debunk this, Facebook intervenes. This will probably recover, above all, lost confidence in the platform that repeatedly during the US presidential election last year in the criticism stood.

Facebook is not the only large company that is going specifically against the proliferation of fake news. Google already has the so-called facts check  in at dubious news. A snippet is to indicate if there is divided opinion on an issue. Mozilla browser vendors will even go a step and a curriculum for digital literacy create. Twitter had started the fight against false news early 2017 and its own anti-fake news algorithm  presented.

How important is the issue of fake news has become providers of social platforms, is seen mainly in their cooperation: set up by the City University of New York launched News Integrity Initiative  is from Facebook, Mozilla and other companies  – including the Hans-Bredow Institute in Hamburg and the Hamburg Media School – supported.

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