Finally, the spam filter comes on Instagram

by Sachin

Instagram has a huge problem – and does it for some months very active on: Engaging with pictures and videos. Whether like, follow  or comment bots, insults or innuendo – that can annoy belonging permanently. Now finally comes the spam filters!

“Keeping Instagram a Safe Place for Self-expression,” CEO and founder Kevin Systrom overrides his blog post about the changes. Many users have therefore expressed that mainly above mentioned comments lead to the fact that they can devote less free and motivated their profiles on Instagram.

The problem can be illustrated in the fitness niche very well. Tells a woman a video of their training, are felt 48 per cent of comments Spam ( by bots , but which are increasingly being blocked from Instagram ), 50 percent of any insults or innuendos and 2 percent correct comments.

That is not fun in the long run – logical. And not just for the users themselves, but also for the community. Anyone who has desire to participate in a serious discussion between hundreds spam comments?

Instagram: Comment filter expanded

Exactly is about to change. First, the already existing comment filter, which filters personalities or offensive was extended again. You can now find him not only via Settings → comments, but also via the context menu ( “…”) at the top right in the image. Here you can do- it manually for each image or enable.

The filter is extended to live video. Unfortunately it is initially available  only in English, other languages ​​will follow. Acute exciting but it is the spam filter. This comes in nine languages ​​(English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, hindi and Chinese).

Instagram: spam filter relies on machine learning

This spam filter was fed by Instagram on the elapsed time with data and comments that are clearly identified as spam.

With machine learning, the filter is then to be getting better and more effective over time, and Instagram users from annoying “Cool profile” – “Wow!” – or “Follow for follow?” – Keep comments.

“Our work is far from finished and perfect”. But we hope to do with the new tools the user experience more bearable again on Instagram. One can wish for.

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