10 Free Online fax services to send Fax Online

by Sachin

Nowadays sending online fax has become much easier, without concern for busy lines or paper jams. To send a fax over the internet, you usually have to make a subscription. But if you need to send a free fax and prefer not to register for a specific service, we will show you an option to send a fax from a PC, and although it is much easier with an app, we believe that this is a good alternative for many.

10 Free Online fax services to send Fax Online

If you decide to use an app that allows you to easily receive and send faxes online, without having to make any kind of configuration on your computer, here we will present you with options of services and simple apps to send the free or low-cost fax if you prefer to purchase a subscription.


With eFax, you can send and receive fax from Gmail or another email service as attachments, and the best part is that it is an international service. This app offers a 30-day trial period during which you can send a free fax. You will only need the eFax document viewing software and you can send up to 10 faxes a month for free.

You can get a premium membership for a cost of € 15 per month, so you can send and receive up to 200 faxes and get an unlimited cloud storage, through which you will have access to all your documents and you can easily search for them using keywords. It is a little more expensive, but if you buy your annual package you can get 2 months for free.

RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax gives you some of the most efficient fax sending services. It has high security and confidentiality and includes an excellent online support guide, which makes it one of the most outstanding and convenient services for sending faxes online.

It has some payment plans that include a specific number of faxes that can be sent monthly, or an unlimited number in the case of the “Fax unlimited” plan. However, each of the limited plans offers a trial version with which you can send a free fax for 30 days.

In RingCentral Fax you can send fax online from wherever you are. All this in an integrated way with Outlook, Microsoft Office and online storage services like Dropbox and Google Docs.



Hellofax is one of the most recognized online faxing platforms. It has a simple and effective interface, in addition, all the documents that you send or receive will be encrypted, which says a lot about the security and privacy levels of the platform.

It offers three different plans for different needs, either for personal use or for a professional use that involves a greater number of faxes sent and received monthly. However, each of these plans has a completely free trial version that lasts 30 days.

Fax Zero

FaxZero allows you to send the free fax to any part of the United States and Canada. However, this service has certain limitations, such as the printing of an advertisement on the cover of your fax, and only allows you to send a maximum of 5 faxes with 3 pages each day.

If your requirement is above those limits, you can choose the Premium Fax plan, with which you can send a maximum of 25 pages with priority option and without any FaxZero logo on the cover. However, the costs would be high with respect to other services. The payment mode also allows you to send faxes online to many other countries with higher costs.


Fax Better Free

Fax Better is easy in using and sending faxes directly to your email, does not need any software to install, allows you to keep important faxes for as long as you want and filters unwanted faxes. It has two plans that you can choose according to your needs: Fax Better Account and Fax Better Account Free.

FaxBetter Account Free allows you to receive unlimited fax and limited sending options, your fax number will be lifelong as long as you receive at least one weekly fax. No credit card is required to register and you will be sent a notification email each time a fax arrives. You can also get a premium Fax Better account for a cost of $ 5.95 per month.


MyFax offers you one of the best ways to send and receive fax on the internet. It is an easy to use app, and supports delivery of different types of files: Word, Excel PowerPoint, images, among others through your smartphone, tablet or computer to a traditional fax receiver or an Internet service and gives you. In this, you can manage your account and store your faxes electronically.

MyFax has a trial version that lasts 30 days, during which you can send a free fax and enjoy all the functions of the app. In addition, it offers three types of plans: bronze, silver, and gold; with a price of € 13, € 19 and € 32 per month respectively.

Pam Fax

Pam Fax is one of the easiest ways to use fax service. It allows you to send and receive faxes online without having a machine or telephone line and has a trail plan to send free faxes for three months. In addition, it allows you to use the documents stored in Dropbox, Box.net and Google Documents.

If you want to continue enjoying the service offered by Pam Fax after the trial period has ended, you must join one of their plans. The basic plan has a cost of € 47.40 and for the professional plan, you must pay € 71.40 per year. In addition, the app allows you to pay for each page sent at a low cost depending on the plan you choose.

Got Free Fax

GotFreeFax provides a simple interface and an easy way to send faxes online. Perhaps it is not the most powerful fax service portal on the market, but if you want to send faxes over the internet and if your needs are limited to their limitations, then it becomes a good option for you.

This app offers a service that allows you to send a free fax only to the United States and Canada, with a limit of up to 3 pages by fax and a maximum of 2 faxes per day. If you need to send more than 3 pages, the app sets different prices depending on the number of additional pages. You can also use it to send international faxes, but not for free.

Nextiva Fax

Nextiva allows you to send faxes online for a lower price than similar platforms. It has a friendly and easy-to-use interface and is available internationally. It offers three different plans that you can pay annually, but it also has a trial version that you can use to send a free fax for 30 days.

This trial version allows you to use all the functions of the platform and also offers videos with tutorials to get the most out of its functions. The app offers a secure service and also provides you with the easy interface when sending faxes online through your online portal or your email account.



FaxBurner is a free online internet fax to email, iPhone, and Android service. FaxBurner allows users to send only a limited number of free faxes. FaxBurner also offers several affordable premium packages if you require more pages, a permanent number, or advanced features. Get a free fax number and start sending and receiving faxes online.




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