Google Flights why they are Better Than Any Travel Agent

by Sachin

The prices of airline tickets follow a pattern of behavior, That is, prices fluctuate based on multiple factors that human eye can miss, but not the big brain of Google. The Californian giant has announced a big update of Google Flights, its flight search engine. This sophisticated tool now incorporates an algorithm that takes into account the historical price of the routes, so that it alerts us when the price of a given trip will go up, and consequently when it is better to book that trip.

You only have to access Google Flights, choose the departure airport and destination, the date you want to travel and press enter. The Google search engine will start working to find the prices of the route. Here you can select to receive notifications to know if there are variations in prices.

Google will let you know when the flight prices are going to go up and that’s when you have to decide whether or not to buy the plane ticket.

In addition, Google flight also offers the possibility of alerting if better prices appear on other dates close to the planned one. In this way you will have a wider range of possibilities to buy an economic plane ticket.

Google Flights also allows the tool to be the one that suggests destinations based on the type of experience we want and logically, at the best price. Thus, if one wishes to travel to the United States in December but does not have preferences about the city, Flights will display a map with the different destinations and their prices, specifying in which week the tickets should be reserved.

Google Flights gives the information of the flights in detail in addition to reporting details of the flight that has been selected, as if it has WiFi, entertainment on board, or if the seat has a plug. The tool also specifies the planned time of scale at each airport if the route includes it.

5 Ways How Google Flights Are Better Than Any Travel Agent

 1.     Price Alerts.

Google Flights analyses all the historical pricing data of the flights and help you determine when you should book. If you are using Google Flights on your mobile, then you can get a pop-up notifications reminding you about the price drops for specific flights. Though this alert is not available for all the flights. We can expect it for all flights in near future.

You don’t know when the alerts can come so we should watch carefully if you are interested in price drops. Google flights can also predict how much time is left for you to book before prices go up. So, Pay attention when they appear on your mobile!

price alerts in google flights


It helps to fly regionally

If you want to take a trip to America, but you’re not sure about which city you want to visit. Explore destinations option in Google flights, can help you the most by displaying a map and also shows the airfares for each city for the selected dates.

regional search in google flights

Predict flight delays

If you search for a particular flight Google will show you the delay status of the flight. With the Latest Google update it is also showing the reasons for those delays and delay predictions.

1-Use filters to find the perfect flight

Under the destination and dates boxes, you can see filter options with drop-down menus: Stops, Price, Airline, Times, and More. Here the analysis part of Google Flights comes in – These filters can be used for more accurate search

With Google Flights you can see the airfares in all classes- use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select the class which you are interested in and select enter. Remember During peak summer and holiday periods you’ll find first or business class fares for slightly more than economy fares.

filters in google flights

If you want to fly in specific airlines only, then click the check mark next to the airline(s). Or if you want to avoid certain airlines simply click on the X mark to exclude those airlines from your search.

4. Which flight is best for your buck.

The “best flights” box will tell you which flights are the best combinations for your price, so you won’t have to decide. While searching airfares of flights, just look for the one in green. That’s the flight Google has recommended the best deal based on your price and specifications.

best flights in google flights


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