Hoh To Use G Suite

by Sachin

Have you ever dreamt of a chance to use the CRM system that combines everything conveniently within a single software application? NetHunt CRM system breaks the mold eliminating existing limits inside CRM software to provide its customers with software capable to combine all the most frequently used CRM functionality, databases management tools and many more inside one program.

As the software development company NetHunt realizes that numerous people around the globe are tied to certain CRM features that inequally realized in numerous systems earlier created by numerous software development companies. This is considered the primal reason why there is no defined unity in the global market and why different companies: from small ones to stunningly-huge enterprises use different software in order to collect and realize their client databases. To solve this global problem worrying thousands of entrepreneurs leading their companies NetHunt created its own CRM system capable to integrate with Google applications creating the first of its kind innovative G Suite CRM.

NetHunt CRM system works in tandem with such Google products as Gmail mailing service, Google Calendars, Google Drive, and Hangouts. After the creative team of the NetHunt realized that the most productive results can be achieved through the so-called synergy between NetHunt system and the widely used Google applications they started to create the fully-integrable CRM that would function as just another part of Google products. NetHunt supports all previous Google functions after installation but, nevertheless adds the new convenient ones that together helps to organize the work process inside the CRM and manipulate with leads throughout all the deal, since the very beginning when the client negotiates with the company and till the final agreement is achieved and the deal is successfully made.

What NetHunt gives is that while using Gmail and working with conversations with clients a person now can do absolutely anything with client data as all the prospects available are next to the conversation. All the client’s personal information is now automatically recorded and stored for further implementation, conversations linked with leads and many more. Google Calendar at the same time allows focusing on the most important schedule marks – meetings, discussions, and discussions. This calendar notes will also contain detailed information about persons related to the event planned. Google Drive allows adding all the important document to the cloud storage provided by Google. So important files related to the clients dealing with are now can be organized and logically stored together. Thanks to Google Hangouts chats and customer profiles in NetHunt are from now also closely connected.

The NetHunt team provides unique software with the convenience unseen at the information automation sphere. This CRM system represents the modern and logical approach to solving the most complicated and tricky tasks rising each time a company dealing with numerous clients tries to reach new heights. This solution suits for young promising companies contacting their clients predominantly by means of Gmail. No need for changing old accumulated data and experience with Gmail now. Use NetHunt CRM now and continue your work few times effectively.  

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