How Contact Tracers Use Modern Tech to Help Reduce COVID Spread

by Sachin

There is no doubt that modern technology has played a huge part in our work and personal lives over recent years. It has also become crucial in the current situation with the global pandemic, as it has given people a means of seeing one another on video, communicating, and being able to access services even while in lockdown.

Another way in which modern tech such as the internet and mobile technology has helped over the past year is in the fight against COVID-19. People can now use apps to check-in when they go to venues so they can be alerted if any cases of COVID emerge from that same venue. In addition, mobiles are used by contact tracers in order to speak to those who have COVID and then contact people they may have interacted with to warn them about the exposure.

Vital Work of Contact Tracers

The work of contact tracers is vital in the fight against this virus. By using modern tech and details from computerized databases, contact tracers are able to get in touch with people who have been confirmed as having COVID. By doing this, they can then find out who that person has been in contact with face to face.

Once they have this information, contact tracers can then get in touch with the people that the host has interacted with. By advising them of the situation and the fact they have been exposed to the virus, they can then stop it from spreading any further as the notified contacts can then self-isolate or arrange to get a test carried out before interacting with others.

This is a process that would be very difficult without access to modern technology and information systems. There is also another way in which modern tech can be used to boost the effectiveness of the contact tracing process. This is through the use of reverse phone tools, which can help to reduce the risk of calls from contact tracers being ignored or missed.

Often, when contact tracers try to get in touch with those who have been exposed, they receive no answer. This is despite the fact that they try several times to try and get in touch with each person. Often, the reason they are unsuccessful is that huge numbers of people do not tend to answer unknown callers, as they assume that they are from unwanted callers such as cold callers. This then results in many people not finding out about their exposure to the virus, which then increases the chances of the infection being spread.

One tech tool that can be used is a reverse phone tool, as this can help to identify unknown callers. This means that those who have not answered their contact tracing call or have missed a call from an unknown number can find out who was trying to get in touch.

Thanks to modern technology, those who have been exposed to the virus can now be contacted with greater ease. In addition, they can use tech to ensure they do not miss or ignore this vital call. 


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