How Deep Linking Enhances Marketing Campaigns

by Sachin

If you are looking for a way to improve your marketing campaigns in a way that your audience loves, this article is just for you. 

Nowadays, it is not enough to catch the right users’ attention on the web. To stand out from the competition, you need to take time and effort to create a unique and smooth user experience. How do you do that? Deep linking is a good solution that may help you significantly to achieve this goal.  

What is deep linking? How can you use it to get your marketing campaigns from “meh” to the “Wow, I love this brand!” level? 

Let’s explore this. 

What is Deep Linking? Definition in Simple Words 

If to cut off the marketing fluff, deep linking is a smart technique for sending people right away to the needed content. They don’t have to spend time on your mobile app’s home page or other pages. Basically, it helps marketers to make the customer journey more efficient. 

Thanks to this technique, you can simplify the user experience and increase conversion rates. If done right, it is a win-win. That’s because users will get what they want without wandering inside your mobile app. And marketers will be happy because users will get to the specific content they’ve prepared for users.

Think of it as a magic “teleport” that enables you to take your mobile users from one place to a specific product in your mobile app. The result? You can significantly increase customer engagement metrics, retention rates, and conversions. 

To make it work, you need to take the URL of your choice and embed a piece of code in it. It’s as easy as that. 

Now, let’s talk in detail about the benefits of deep linking mentioned earlier. 

The Top Benefits of Deep Linking That You Can’t Ignore 

Why do so many marketers use deep linking while promoting their apps? The answer is simple. That’s because it has a lot of benefits. Let’s dwell on some of them below. 

You Can Track Your Data More Precisely 

Deep linking makes it possible to track the actions of users within your app with more precision. In turn, it enables you to analyze what performs better in your marketing campaigns. As a result, you can make data-driven decisions and increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns. 

For example, deep linking lets you track what advertising channels perform better and double down on them. 

With deep linking, you don’t have to guess what works and what doesn’t, be it installs, ROI, IAP, or another KPI. 

You Can Offer Custom Onboarding Experience to Your Users 

There is no secret that onboarding experience is essential to mobile marketing. Mess it up, and you can lose users (read revenue). Deep linking makes it possible to improve the onboarding experience.

You can easily customize the experience for different categories of mobile users by creating deep links for each group. Proper personalization of the onboarding process can skyrocket your app profits. 

You Can Use Deep Linking to Enhance Your App Engagement 

What about app engagement metrics? Every marketer wants to make them go up, right? That’s where deep linking can be a great tool as well.

Imagine how beneficial it would be for your app if you could direct users to the features, promos, and products they want to discover. And the best part is that it captivates users and makes them stay in your app longer! Give it a shot, and you’ll be wowed with the results. 

You Can Increase Your Conversion Rates with Deep Links

Improving your app’s conversion rates, even by a small percentage, can make a difference in the bottom line. Even a tiny increase of 1% in conversions can lead to a 33% increase in the bottom line. Though this is the stats for web pages, mobile apps are no different. 

Take your time to create various customer journey maps and implement them using deep links as one of the tools to guide your users and incentivize them to take the next steps. 

Lead with value. That’s a great way to go if you’d like to boost your conversion rates. Moreover, design efficient copy for your mobile pages and clear call-to-actions. 

Don’t forget to add the Trust elements to your mobile app pages. It will have a great impact on conversion rates as well. 

You Can Improve User Experience by Making Cross-Platform Navigation Simpler 

Deep linking is an incredibly effective way of guiding users from other platforms (emails, websites, social media networks) to your mobile app. It makes the whole navigation process from one platform to another much more convenient for users. As a result, they are more open to engaging with your mobile app.

It is crucial to ensure no distractions are on their path, especially nowadays when the customer attention span is lower than ever! And it continues to drop by 88% every single year, according to research done by Microsoft. 

How to Get the Most Out of Deep Links

Finally, let’s wrap up with some actionable tips on how you can add deep linking to your marketing arsenal. 

  • Decide where you want your deep links to lead. Take your time to determine the destination of each deep link that you plan to use in your marketing campaign. Think strategically. Make sure your deep linking strategy goes hand in hand with your overall marketing strategy. 
  • Create URLs for your deep links. Use a special library or platform to generate these custom URLs for deep links. At this stage, don’t forget to add all the necessary analytics parameters that will allow you to track all the data you want to track. 
  • Implement the code of the deep link into your app codebase. 
  • Test it. Make sure everything works properly before you proceed with your further marketing efforts. 

That’s it! Here you have it. Now you know how to enhance your marketing campaigns with deep linking. 

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