How Esports Teams Prepare for Competitions?

by Sachin

Do esports pros just sit around all day playing their favorites with their buddies or is there more to it? In this article, we are going to pull back the curtain and show you what a day in the life of an esports player is really like!

Esports Pros Don’t Like Waking up Early!

Unsurprisingly 20 something-year-old gamers are not fond of early mornings. Most pro esports teams start their first practice around 10 or 11 am. This gives the players a chance to sleep in. Most esports pros are night owls and tend to be up past 1 am.

Despite starting practices in the late morning, that doesn’t mean esports players don’t work extremely hard. The grueling practices day after day is a big reason why so many talented young gamers quit after a few months. It takes a special player to handle the intense routine, check out the most successful players at

Playing and Practicing 50 Hours a Week is Normal

Yes, you heard that right it has now become standard for teams to play and practice 6 to 8 hours per day. Many teams are clocking in 50 hours of training every single week! If that amount of game time scares you then it is best to keep gaming as your hobby.

A typical pro esports training session starts with skirmishing. This is where the players will play against each other or another pro team in training matches. They will focus on different areas of the game and implement particular strategies. These skirmishing sessions can last for hours and coaches are closely monitoring their players, giving them advice throughout the games.

These training matches are not your typical laid-back game with your friends. Coaches demand an extremely high standard from their players. They will immediately jump on players who make errors and don’t follow the strategy. If players are not coachable and continuously make mistakes during these skirmishes they will be promptly cut from the team’s roster.

Game Reviews Are Very Important

Esports pros don’t just spend the whole day playing. A big part of their training is game analysis and reviews. After a few hours of training matches, players will sit down with coaches and review game footage and statistics. It is the job of coaches and analysts to identify areas that need to be improved and then come up with a strategy to help the team and players improve.

These analysis sessions can be mentally taxing as coaches will comb over the finest details and players need to be extremely focused. Players need to successfully understand the errors they are making and then the next time they play implement solutions to prevent the same error from occurring again. Only the top players are coachable and are able to adapt their style.

Esports Players are Treated Like Superstar Athletes

Esports teams are now unrecognizable compared to just a few years ago! Just 10 years ago a pro esports team consisted of a run-down house with one room full of monitors and a bunch of guys eating instant noodles and pizza.

Nowadays the big esports teams are like top professional football clubs. They feature state-of-the-art facilities which include on-staff massage therapists, sports therapists, nutritionists, private chefs, sleeping quarters, and the very best monitors and gaming equipment on the planet.

The top pro esports teams are now worth well over $100 million and have splashed massive amounts of cash on their facilities. The players are treated like Ronaldo and Messi as they tuck into delicious 5-star food and then enjoy massages to get them ready for a big tournament or intense training session. How much all this pampering helps with performance is not exactly known but it shows the direction esports is moving in!

Esports Players Do Other Training As Well!

Esports players hit the gym and follow strength and conditioning programs. They also work on their memory, reaction time, and problem-solving skills via different brain games and challenges. This is all done in hopes of creating the perfect esports athlete and giving teams an edge over their rivals.

Wrapping Up

Esports pros who are signed to big teams are taken care of. They enjoy incredible 5-star facilities and have everything they need to succeed. However, it is still an intensely stressful environment. Players are expected to train for 6 to 8 hours with the team and then many keep playing by themselves. If players don’t perform they are quickly cut from the squad. 

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