How Has Online Casino Technology Transformed The Industry? 

by Sachin

Since it first came into life a few years back, the now popular casino industry has been continually growing and evolving. Over this time, casinos have advanced, online casinos have made their debut, in addition to the industry shifting and evolving with technology growing more advanced. 

Currently, and several years later, even the most superior online casinos are beginning to evolve. There is an assortment of possibilities that have been introduced and rendered the game quite convenient and easy to enjoy. 

To help you make sense of it all, this excerpt will take a closer look at the various technological advancements that have rocked the casino industry as well as what you can expect to enjoy and see in the future all courtesy of technological advancements. 

1. Mobile Gaming

Essentially, massive advancements within the mobile technology mean that you can now effectively, easily, and securely play in online casinos from your tablet or mobile. The heightened security levels on these platforms and apps mean that a user can freely play, without having to fret about losing money to potentially risky computer programs.

Playing online casino games on classified sites such as online games at IndiaSlots means that all your details are incorporated into various anti-fraud detection programs as well as digital encryption software that ensure your information remains secure. 

Connectivity advancements within the industry between users also now means that it is now easier than ever to play against colleagues online who are located many miles away! What’s more, the ability to facilitate private games between your colleagues is simply one click away, and this type of innovation is only the start since the online gaming industry was already projected to grow by 28 % by 2018. 

2. The virtual reality within online casinos

Whether it is VR stations to mobile headsets that convey you to a whole new world, currently, VR (Virtual Reality) is the prominent trend. Although the beginning of the virtual reality industry started numerous years back, the graphics then were, however basic, while the equipment was bulky and expensive.

Just like with any new technology, VR eventually shaped up, slimmed down, and can currently be enjoyed within the home courtesy of various relatively affordable headsets like Gear VR by Samsung and Google Cardboard. This particular technology is now finding its way into the online casino industry and is inspiring a fascinating experience. 

Among the initial casino software providers known to have taken this step into the VR, space is NetEnt. Virtually, by altering various aspects of Gonzo’s Quest, one of the prominent slot, NetEnt has ensured that players can now delight in VR casino games right from their homes by utilizing any of the previously named hardware pieces.

WebVR technology is now adequately advanced and has made typical VR casino games viable and well in place within the industry. 

3. Table Eye 21

Looking at the recent trend in casino technology, the future of the industry seems to lie on the remarkable innovations like the TableEye 21. Typically, this is a stunning piece of revolutionary software that effectively tracks all the bets that players have made, the number of hands that have been played in virtually all blackjack games, and the percentage of the hands that are being won.

This software makes use of exclusive overhead cameras just above the casino blackjack tables; it then converts this information into a statistical player analysis, which puts off unfair play, especially in popular games commonly associated with cheaters. On identifying suspicious data, the casino operators subsequently receive an alert, in addition to assisting them in monitoring players who might be exhibiting unscrupulous behavior.


With more and more individuals flocking to casinos all around the world, online and live alike, there has been a significant rise in the amount of money circulating, subsequently necessitating technological progression within the casino industry. Not only do these advancements enhance the overall customer delight and satisfaction, but it also significantly boosts their security on both virtual and real-life felts. 

Moreover, with technology finding its place within casino gaming, users can also now enjoy more accessibility as well as massive advancements in connectivity and mobile gaming. Ultimately though, the online casino gaming industry is a thrilling phase of growth and evolution. All that is left for us to do is strap in and take pleasure in the ride as the modern technology redefines the face of the industry evermore!

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