How Important Are Social Media Followers For Your Profile?

by Sachin

It is a question that many people who have found themselves taking a keen interest in the inner workings of social media have considered. The experts and seasoned social media professionals tend to put a lot of emphasis on the importance of having a large number of followers, regardless of the particular social network that is being used. It is plain to see that the most illustrious social media influencers are the ones with the biggest followings and the number of followers an account has can be a key selling point. Having a profile with a large number of followers is going to open plenty of doors for the entity behind it as the bigger the number of followers they have, the more influence they possess. However, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves with all this just now. Let’s start at the beginning.

What  Are Followers And What Exactly Do They Do?

On every social network, you are going to have followers, although the terminology may vary depending on the brand in question. Essentially, followers are people who have taken an interest in your account, its content and the message you are trying to spread. By becoming a follower, they are added to your list and counted among your number of followers. This means that it will be easier for them to see your content when it is updated as it will automatically appear in their feed. While you don’t need to be a follower to interact with most profiles, it does make interaction easier and much more regular. As interaction is a key factor in helping your profile grow and expand, the more followers you have will inevitably lead to more interaction for your account. Followers interact with your account in a wide variety of ways but the most important ones to be aware of are views, likes and comments as these tend to be the biggest indicators of popularity.

How Do I Get More Followers?

This is another common question that has passed through the mind of every social media user at one point or another. There are several strategies which are recommended but there is only one which is guaranteed to provide you with results. This approach involves the purchase of followers from any of the many websites out there that offer them for sale, such as Insta4likes Instagram followers are the ones that are most in demand but it is also possible for you to get your hands on followers for Facebook and Twitter. If you feel that this is the option that suits you best, make sure that you are getting followers from a trusted source as, unfortunately, there are some sites that are dishonest when it comes to the calibre of the product they offer. Using sites that offer active or real followers will be more likely to provide quality followers.

As we mentioned, this is the only way to guarantee you will get followers but there are other strategies which can be tried as well in order to attract more. Using hashtags and locations in your posts is a great way to draw attention to your content and it may catch the eye of users who are interested in the topic or the place you are posting from. It is also recommended that you follow accounts that are dedicated to a similar topic area as yourself. By doing so, you are likely to be recommended to other followers of the account. Given that you post content about a common topic, these followers are more likely to have a look at your one.

What Do Followers Need To Do To Help Your Profile Grow?

Views And Likes

Views and likes are two of the most basic forms of interaction that social media has to offer. Views are easy to get while likes are a little bit trickier. They both contribute to boosting your social media popularity and helping your account become more visible. Views tend to happen quite naturally and there aren’t really any ways to encourage them. This is not the case with likes, however. If you run a competition, you can use the “like to enter” approach or the “the user who gives the x number of likes will win a prize”. These are effective but they can’t be used very often. Additionally, the use of hashtags and locations as mentioned above are also likely to draw the attention of users and likes are possible if they appreciate the post.


Comments are a crucial weapon that followers have in their armory and can be used to great effect in the bid to garner more engagement for your profile. This is because comments work in two ways: they count as interaction themselves while also serving to encourage further interaction. This is because comments tend to elicit responses from other social media users. Whether it is in the form of likes to show support or comments to address an issue the user has with the comment in question, comments tend to bring other people into a discussion. Followers only need to post one comment to start a chain reaction that leads to even more. With this being the case, it is important to encourage your followers to comment on your posts as it may lead to an outpouring of interaction.

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