How Mobile Gaming Became A Big Thing In 2019

by Sachin

In 2019, something happened that not many people had anticipated: mobile gaming became a big thing. Some people had anticipated this would be happening, but it was hard to predict when or even why mobile gaming would become as popular and as highly supported as it became in 2019. It seems like only yesterday many people were playing snake on their phones and thinking that this was as far as mobile gaming was going to go. Now, a new Diablo gaming has been announced for mobile devices, and more and more companies are producing mobile-specific content and games. How has this happened and how is it possible? Let’s talk a little about the advent of mobile gaming in 2019. 

Online gaming

One of the first things that you will notice about 2019 mobile games is the fact that so many of them are connected to the internet. According to, somewhere around 80% of all mobile games require an internet connection to be played effectively. There are several reasons for that, and some of them are what enabled the creation of mobile gaming as a big industry. The first is that a constant connection allows for marketing to be easier and more profitable for companies. The connection also helps the companies process and the information of the players in the game and feedback the game to them, allowing the story to progress, the game to be interacted with, other players to come through the game and other game-making aspects. The online connection to other people is what has made mobile gaming so attractive – another way to connect to friends and family. 

High processing power

The rate at which technology has been advancing has also allowed phones to have higher processing power than ever before. This has allowed them to allow the execution of more complex apps and, as you guessed, games. As a result, you are seeing companies like Riot develop games that are adapted from their main platforms to mobile devices, allowing users to enjoy the game wherever they go without the need for a laptop or a PC. The higher processing power also means more complex games are possible for mobile devices, which means that soon enough companies that are entirely dedicated to making PC level games for mobile devices will be starting their existence. Some companies like that already exist – Tencent, a Chinese company is doing their best to create a more comprehensive library of games that are entirely dedicated to mobile gaming. 

Large memory

Large memory storage capabilities are something else that has allowed the world to see the increase in the number of mobile games available for the enjoyment of users. Complex games, or even simple games, require a lot of memory to be stored on. The fact that in 2019 phones are able to store more information than ever before, combined with the fact that online cloud services are freeing up even more space for phones, means that people are able to spare the space required to be able to download complex games. This means that RPG games, shooters and strategy games are all possible to be enjoyed with the phone. Some old games are directly being ported onto phones, such as Heroes of Might and Magic III, thanks to the fact that phones are now able to dedicate more storage to them.

High demand

Finally, the little detail that many have missed, is the fact that there is actually a high demand for mobile games. Just like Sony Vita became popular because the kid could take it anywhere they went any gaming platform that can go with you no matter where you go is going to be popular and in demand. Phones are extremely portable and widely available. Providing games for them is a market that already exists and is not yet exploited. The users themselves are so far unaware of the demand they have for such games. The fact that companies are starting to work on the concept has already caused some people a lot of excitement, and more and more people are looking forward to being able to play games on their phones when they are commuting or just bored. 

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