How to Access Blocked Websites in your region

by Sachin

The internet is supposed to be a global network that links everyone, but many websites are limited to specific countries. Therefore, many want to enter a website to watch a video and finally they could not reproduce it because they lived in another country. This can happen with some series, football matches or YouTube videos. To free yourself from this problem, here we will tell you some options to access blocked websites by region.

Restriction of websites on the internet

Since the use of the network began to distribute and share information, some have tried to limit it in different ways.
Three types of restrictions used to Block websites

  1. Those imposed by network administrators when we connect to the internet through a corporate network, school or company.
  2. Those that impose on the ISP (Internet providers) to prevent access to certain pages and sites for different reasons. It can be a blockage of DNS, IP addresses or specific ports.
  3. Those that establish internet sites and services to block the navigators that come from different geographical locations, differentiating them by the IP address assigned to them.

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How to access blocked websites?

There are several alternatives to access blocked websites, we list them all in order of complexity, first the simplest ones.

1) Access blocked websites using secure HTTPS protocol

Sometimes we cannot enter a certain website, because a secure connection is required by the server. In that case, it is enough to add a letter S to the protocol in the URL.
For example:

✓ The following address gives us an error:
✓ You can try with
In some cases, this simple method solves the conflict.

2) Access sites Blocked with other domain names

Some sites that are blocked in proxies servers of local networks such as schools, libraries or companies, is done by adding the original domain name to a blacklist.

The domain name is the group of characters in the URL. For example “”

In the cases of popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we can slightly alter the name of the domain and we will be redirected to the correct site.
An example is the following address that allows entering Facebook when the main domain ( is blocked:

These are other addresses that are owned by this company and automatically redirect to this website.

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3) Access Blocked sites using their mobile versions

This method is somewhat similar to the previous one, it is about using the versions created for mobile devices (phones and tablets), which use a different domain.
They almost always consist of a letter “m” before the domain name.
For example:

  • (Gmail)

4) Access Blocked websites through Google

A curious method is to access websites that blocked us through Google services. Google Translate a very good best tool, in which you can convert text from required language input to required language output. All languages are supported with this tool. By using this method also we can get access to the blocked content or sites.

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5) Checking the cache of web pages

Every website will have a cached version of Google. In the same way, the blocked websites will also have a cached version. So, you can access the data of the blocked site with the Google Cached version. When you search for any site which is blocked, Google automatically shows you the cached version. When you click on that you will be redirected to the website.

6) Subscribe to the RSS feed of Blocked sites

If you want to receive regularly new content that is published on sites that are blocked, you can use the RSS feed, if those sites use it.
It is necessary to install a news reader on the PC or use the Firefox browser.
This method does not fail because our browser or RSS reader, will not access the original site, but an intermediate site like FeedBurner owned by Google.

Some sites only offer the headlines and the description of the new articles, but many blogs deliver the complete content.

7) Change DNS server to access blocked sites

Some services work through some DNS functions. You only need to change the DNS server of the computer or the home router, if you want to change it in the whole network. When accessing a geo-blocked site, the DNS server will also redirect some of its traffic through a tunnel. In summary, the remote server believes that it is accessing from the appropriate country.

The good thing about this type of solution is that it will work for all the devices in your network (if you enable it in your router). Better yet, it is not something that has to be turned on and off. It only works when you’re going to access a geo-blocked website and do nothing for the rest of your traffic. Some good sites are UnoTelly, UnoDNS, and Unblock-Us that cost around $ 5 a month.

8) Modify the host file to access blocked sites

When the DNS of a connection cannot be changed, the resource of pointing the host file of our computer to the necessary website IP address remains.
The host file is a small text file that makes a function similar to that of DNS, but it is inside our Windows folder. When it comes to a DNS block we need to obtain the web address of the site we want to access frequently.

The host file is located in one of the following locations, depending on the version of Windows installed.

  1. In Windows 7

        Vista and XP:

        C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc.

      2. In Windows 8:

        C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc.

9) Use a Proxy to access blocked websites

Many of the companies, workplaces or schools block some websites. In these places, it is not allowed to access many websites that are considered harmful to work performance, such as Facebook or YouTube or many other types of websites such as sexual content or games, mainly in schools.

When trying to access them, a message appears saying that the administrator has blocked access to that page. For this using proxy is the best solution.

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Proxy act as an intermediate between our connection and the administrator’s blocking system.

The operation is very simple. You only have to access the web-proxy and write in the search box that indicates the route you want to visit. Then click on the button that allows loading.

Most of the websites that we found are free and even offer some options to configure our navigation, such as preventing the storage of ‘cookies’ or deleting objects from Java, Flash, etc. from the load.

One of the options is, for example, ‘ anonymous browsing ‘. But beware, anonymity is not totally true. The visited website will not detect our connection data, but the web that acts as a proxy will do so.

Some of these websites make it so easy that they already have the most frequent shortcuts in sight, such as Facebook, MSN, Youtube, so that we only have to click on them.

There are many proxy sites on the internet, but here are some examples.

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10) Use VPN services to access sites that are blocked

VPN services are the ideal method to access any website so that they do not identify our geographical origin. They allow building a kind of tunnel for traffic through an encrypted connection. For example, if you want to access services in the United States, you will need a server based on that country’s connections, with enough upload and download bandwidth. That’s what a VPN server is. These are generally paid services. Some free services are limited to a certain amount of bandwidth.

Currently, there is a large offer of VPNs. Some like StrongVPN, SurfEasy, and TunnelBear, offer an application that allows you to easily connect to the server and switch between different countries through a drop-down box. When the VPN server is activated, all your internet activity will be sent to it. It is best to activate it only when you need to use a blocked service in your country and leave it disabled the rest of the time.

11) Short URL Conversion

This method works very rarely.  The idea is to convert the original URL into short URL by using google short URLs or

12) Use the Hello service to access blocked services

Hello is a web service created to make the internet faster, accessible and cheaper? It allows surfing the internet without restrictions and blocked content, quickly and safely.
With Hello, we can access social networks such as Facebook, Gmail, Google, and Twitter. It is a collaborative service that works as a point-to-point network (PSP), in which several users share their resources, administered and regulated. The main one of them, Hello VPN, is completely for free.

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