How to Earn Impeccable Traffic With the Help of Instagram?

by Sachin

Internet is the connector of the world as it connects billions of people around the world at one place but with a different destination. One of these destinations is social media. Millions and billions of people have made social media as their life’s essential part.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to see your business grow, then you have to prove your prowess in digital marketing. With the help of social media, you will able to reach millions of customers from around the globe. 

If you want to connect with customers, increase your brand awareness, and want to boost your sales, then involving social media is a necessity. One such social media platform that is growing leaps and bounds and providing exposure to the entrepreneur is Instagram. 

Instagram is a great platform to build your company’s rapport. With the help of these easy-to-implement strategies, you can use clickable links and drive traffic to your website from the social media platform. 

Strategic Ways to Earn Free Website Traffic from Instagram:

What follows are the ways you can use Instagram to benefit your business: 

IGTV Post is Important

One of the best inventions implemented by Instagram and the direct rival of YouTube is its IGTV feature. You can put clickable links in the description of IGTV posts. However, in order to read the description, users must tap on the post title. If you want to garner a tremendous amount of traffic; encourage viewers to go to the video descriptions. You can also add a call-to-action in the IGTV title or tell them about the link during the video itself. Adaptify can help you to give ideas about great IGTV videos to interact with people and drive traffic to your website.  

Send Links in DMs

Direct messages are a great way to interact with your followers, and you need to cheer your Instagram followers to start an exchange with you in DMs. You can also initiate the conversation and welcome your new followers and asking related questions. Set up quick replies – previously copied text, so you don’t have to write the same message again and again to different people. Monitoring your inbox will not only allow you to get a deeper understanding of your audience, but you will be able to link with them instantly.

Work with Instagram Influencers 

While you work on making your social media presence felt, partner with someone who has a decent fan following and reach on the platform. This will help you amplify what your brand wants to convey to people. Instagram is a vast platform, and thus, it has thousands of influencers. But the number is not everything as you have to consider how their followers align with yours. While working out the agreement with the influencer, make sure you include guidance to the influencer to promote you and drive their followers to your website.

Add Action Button to Profile

Let’s think about one thing; why you want to drive traffic to your site? Do you want people to contact you by phone, email, or text? Or maybe it is to book an appointment, reserve a table at a restaurant, or buy tickets for an event or movie? You can do all these actions directly from Instagram with just one button: the Action Button! You are cutting out the middle man of your website, and that will benefit you and help you drive more alterations. 

Activate Push Notification

Promote your links and ask your followers to turn on the push notification for posts, IGTV, and stories. This is one of the hidden features of Instagram, and many people don’t know about it yet. All your audiences have to do is to click on the follow button, and then go to the notification section, and then opt-in. After the completion of this step, your followers will be notified of any new content you put on your profile. 

So how do you get your followers to go for the opt-in? There are two ways; you could either run an elaborate incentive campaign or you can just ask your followers about that. 

Curate Story Highlights 

If you want to utilise the platform entirely and want to consistently drive traffic from linked Instagram Stories beyond 24 hours’ time limit, then use highlights. Highlights are one of the best things that can happen for people in business as it allows you to group stories and permanently feature them on your profile. Don’t put anything and everything. Instead, strategically curate a library of some of the best stories you want to shine your spotlight on. The best advice is to keep it simple and use a single story per highlight as to redirect to the key categories of your website.

Instead of doing it all on your own, you can always take the help of social media experts to garner more traffic and make your presence felt in the digital world. With one of the most high-quality social media management team, Adaptify can help you reach billions of people around the globe. 

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