How to Edit Instagram Videos to Match Your Brand Image

by Sachin

Editing videos you share on Instagram is as easy as sharing them itself. Ever since Instagram allowed sharing videos, boomerangs, and more on the Feed and in Stories, the way people share content on this platform has changed. If you happen to be using Instagram for marketing to strengthen your brand image, then you should understand that there are many ways to personalize the aesthetics of your video.

Editing Instagram Videos Is Easy 

Anyone can post images and videos on Instagram, but not everyone ends up making an impression. When it comes to using social media platforms like this for improving the reach of your brand, then you have to have synchronized content on your page. Making sure that the videos and images on your brand’s Instagram page are coherent in their style feels so much simpler when you have the right video editing strategies at hand. 

With the surge in free video editing software today, there are many ways to edit your video and endless filters to make it look in-line with the rest of the content on your brand’s page. Any marketing expert would tell you how important it is to synchronize the content you share. 

The most straightforward way to edit Instagram videos is to make use of the cool filters that the app itself provides. If you only need a basic touch-up, these filters are all you need. To be able to adjust the brightness and contrast in your videos and do so much more, here are a few Instagram video editors to try. 

1. Editing from your Mac – iMovie 

iMovie offers a myriad of choices that allow you to edit your videos without compromising on the quality. Download the free iMovie tool on your computer. Start with a new project on iMovie and select the video you want to work with. With this, you get to view every little detail of your video on a big screen. The tool lets you simplify editing by adding filters or even work on the finer touches like transitions and more. Once you are done editing the video, adding the essential texts and titles, you can easily export it to your iPhone and upload it on your Instagram page. 

If you would like to edit videos on your smartphone the following are a few editors to help –

2. A Color Story 

This app is not just a popular photo editing tool but also a blessing for beginners looking to make the colours in their Instagram videos pop. It is known to bring a lot of fresh styles regularly. If yours is a brand targeting the youngsters, there are hundreds of vibrant filters that you can use in your Instagram videos. Custom filters and options to extend the editing abilities through in-app purchases make this a scalable solution for managing your Instagram content. 

HSL editing and easy adjustment curves come handy when you have to add some quick-fixes to your videos for Instagram. For images on Instagram, this one also helps you plan the grid layout right before you upload them. 


The app simplifies professional-quality video editing for everyone. From minute HSL editing tasks to application of easy and impactful filters, there is so much you can do with this image and video editing tool. The best part is that there are some common filters for image and video editing so you can easily make your images and videos look similar. 

For those looking to use the app extensively, there is also a premium membership with a whole lot of new filters and more. From classic Kodak looks to a selection of other vintage and contemporary filter options, this tool helps you create videos that make a statement. 

4. InShot 

This is one of the most resourceful video editing apps that lets you trim and resize videos, split a video or merge multiple videos or even tweak the aspect ratio. This helps you tailor your video content not just with suitable filters but also with the most appropriate size for Instagram Stories and Feed, respectively. Even cropping video frames and compressing videos can be done conveniently on this app. 

Besides all the necessary tuning, adding music and making the videos more appealing and synchronized with the brand image becomes so much easier with this video editor. 

5. Editing Instagram Videos For The Pros – Adobe Premiere Pro 

If you own an Adobe Premiere Pro version, look no further than this for editing your Instagram videos. Adobe offers the ability to play with the colour grading of any video with the help of what it calls “LookUp Tables” or LUTs. These are similar to filter presets that most other video editing apps offer. There are many types of LUTs that you can create provided you are familiar with the tool already. 

You can also pick the popular LUTs from the collection used by other Instagram users. Applying readily available LUTs is very easy. Look for the Basic Correction tab on the Lumetri panel once you have opened the video to be edited. This opens up the screen where you can choose the LUT you wish to apply to your video. Spend some time to understand the best LUTs for the video to mimic any of your favourite film stocks. 

Besides all the above tools, the Movie Maker tool on your Windows PC can also be used for simple video editing requirements. For those who have already used this tool for video editing, it can easily give professional results that can impress your Instagram audience. 

The filters and effects that work for your favourite Instagram influencers might not always work as effectively in your brand’s scenario. Make sure that you choose something that resonates with the general theme and appearance of your brand’s social media page. Also, ensure that you utilized the right kind of brightness and temperature settings for videos on Stories and in the Feed. With these little tricks up your sleeve, you are sure to enhance your customer engagement and strengthen your brand image through Instagram videos.

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