How To Get A Job in Business & Data Analytics

by Sachin

Business and Data Analytics offer high-end paying jobs and promising career opportunities. Some of the most sought-after professionals in the IT industry are business analysts, data architects, and chief data officers. This demand is expected to develop substantially within the next decade and provide even better rewards for everyone involved.

Now it is the perfect time to enter this field of work. There are very few high-skilled individuals, and many good-paying positions remain vacant for months. If you are looking for how to get job promotions in business and data analytics, a course in data analytics will have you come to the right place.


What is Business & Data Analytics?

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar already with this niche of the IT industry. For the more unacquainted readers, Business & Data Analytics is the practice of studying an organization’s data with a meticulous approach and strict attention to statistics.

Numerous companies use business and data analysts to discover essential figures about their development with pinpoint accuracy. Next, they use these statistics to aid their evolution and to support the organization’s decision-making process.

What Jobs Can You Get In Business And Data Analytics?

There are essentially two areas of this sector that you can start from and develop your career. One regards business intelligence, and it involves studying the business model of an organization, its history, and common practices. By examining the data, you subtract from the business analysis you can identify common mistakes and key performance indicators as well as the likelihood of the company’s future.

The second area regards data analytics or statistical analysis. Here, you apply statistical algorithms and advanced calculation techniques to predict the company’s evolution. Additionally, you can use prescriptive analytics to help the organization map out its future strategy or marketing campaigns.

To become a business analyst, first, you have to get an undergraduate degree in business administration, finance, or accounting.

To become a data analyst, you need to get an undergraduate degree in statistics, computer science, database design, data mining, and information systems.

Both degrees put you in the position to apply for a job in business and data analytics. Depending on your computer skills and your proficiency, you can negotiate your salary and approach one of these high paying jobs:

IT Systems Analyst

This job will have you design systems that solve IT problems. You can access it even as an entry-level analyst with tested skills and a promising future in the field.

Healthcare Data Analyst

This position allows you to work with doctors and experts in the healthcare industry. Your job is to create IT solutions for hospitals and medical institutions that help them operate with more ease.

Operations Analyst

As an Operations Analyst, you will most probably be part of a large corporation. Here, you examine the internal process of the company and come up with solutions for business operations.

Data Scientist

This job asks you to collect precious data from a corporation’s development and use it to identify possible perspectives and to predict the outcome of certain operations.

Data Engineer

Solid experience as a data scientist can earn you the position of a data engineer. At this level, you have to work with a larger dataset and use your data visualization skills to upgrade the corporation’s analytics process.

Quantitative Analyst

You can apply for this job mostly in financial firms. Here, you seek potential investment opportunities or run risk management operations.

Data Analytics Consultant

This position gives you a deep insight into a company’s operations and business approach. It also provides you with the freedom to work for several corporations at the same time.

Digital Marketing Manager

With this job, you get to analyze the traffic from websites and social media advertisements that a company receives. Next, you use this data to create successful marketing campaigns while managing the resources dedicated to this department at the same time.

Project Manager

Large corporations offer plenty of these positions in various departments. As a project manager, you get to control the evolution of a team and track each member’s efficiency according to the data you receive. 

Transportation Logistics Specialist

This job requires an excellent understanding of data analytics and logistics. It enables you to control the transport operations of large corporations and identify easy, cost-effective routes that also require minimal resources.

Tips To Get A Job Promotion In Business & Data Analytics

As it is the case with every profession, acquiring new skills and experience can take you a long way and provide you with a successful career. In Business & Data Analytics the path to the top of the pyramid is difficult but highly rewarding. These tips on how to get a job promotion as a business and data analyst should come in handy:

Take Your Education To The Ultimate Level With Certification Courses

As an entry-level data analyst, you probably have only a bachelor’s degree. At this point, competition is stiff, and companies look for someone with a bit of experience under their belt. If you lack that as well, you might as well take a Business Analytics course. A certification course in Data Science, Business Analytics, Tableau, etc. can help you gain hands-on experience.

Develop Your Skills To The Max

Improve your computing skills by working with databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2. Additionally, build your programming abilities in essential languages like Python and R. Large corporations generally look for highly-skilled employees that can come up with quick and efficient solutions.

Get All The Experience You Can Find

While you finish your studies try to get some training in as an intern at a company in your field. Look for companies in your area that offer project-based, time-limited jobs. Even a 3-month internship can look good in your résumé later down the road.

Aim For A High Salary

After working for a few years in the field of Business and Data Analytics, you can apply for a high paying job. Data architects, Chief Data Officers, and Chief Info Security Officers are usually at the top in most corporations, and they should bring you a generous salary along with a string of crucial responsibilities.

Final Words

Use your skills, your hard-earned experience and education to leverage any negotiation you have for a job promotion. At the top level of the pyramid, there are very few highly-skilled professionals. So, if you have made it all the way there, aim for a high salary and avoid selling yourself short!


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