How To Get Backlinks From Forbes And Huffington Post?

by Sachin

Let me put it this way:

If you’ve been lately looking forward for quality backlinks for your blog or website, you must be aware of the value of Forbes and Huffington Post backlinks.

Heck there are businesses out there doing nothing but only selling Forbes, Huffington Post and similar websites’ backlinks.

Forbes is the famous website and American business magazine that publishes opinion pieces from all over the world. Their main target is business, tech and entrepreneurship niches, but they literally publish articles and posts on anything of common interest.


Huffington – HuffPost, is a news and opinions online magazine based in USA and largely followed all over the world.

These two online magazines (Forbes existed before internet ever existed and back then it was only in paper form) plus many others are now backlink hungry web entrepreneurs’ last hope.

Backlinks – do-follow backlinks from these websites, can turbo boost the ranking engines of your website and they can land you the first position on Google SERPs.

In this blog post we will figure out the ways to get backlinks from Forbes and HuffPost – spoiler alert: a guest posting service is not what you always need for this.

  • Find a Contributor Friend


Let’s try to understand it in a Cory and Shawn perspective. Who are Cory and Shawn? Well, they are two best friends from that famous flick – Boy Meets World.

What are they doing here? Well, they are here to help you understand how a friend with benefits can bless you with a Forbes and/or HuffPost backlink.

So one of your best friends is a Forbes contributor or he knows someone who knows someone who regularly writes for HuffPost.

So, with help of these link posting partners you can get one or two or more backlinks from Forbes or Huffington Post.

  • The DIY(Do It Yourself) Method

When it is expensive or time taking to get it done from experts, why not do it yourself. After all, all those Forbes and HuffPost contributors are not just writers, but most of them are entrepreneurs as well.

Forbes and HuffPost are always willing to welcome new contributors who can write about entrepreneurial eco-system, or if not something so chic and high philosophy, at least they can write perfect success guides.


If you can write good, write those opinion pieces on your own or hire a writer to do so. In doing so, you will add backlinks to your website in an organic way.

The best practice is not showing it as your website and adding 3 or 4 more links to make everything look transparent. However, make sure that those 3 or 4 websites are not your competitors because you do not want your competitors to have those backlinks.


Let me make it simple; do it yourself method is not that easy. You will have to qualify and both: Forbes and HuffPost editors will dismiss any weak post or in case your profile is not satisfactory.

  • HuffPost

Here is how you can get a HuffPost link by following DIY method.

  • Write a detailed and insightful post (500 to 1000 words) on your niche or topic.
  • Get it spruced up and refined by a professional proofreader and editor.
  • Once the post is ready, either use some influence/reference, or
  • If you do not have any reference (remember organizations like these do not much welcome unsolicited contributors), go to the following link and submit your post.

Make sure to establish your good will and why you are the sort of contributor that they need.

  • Forbes

Here is the DIY method of becoming a Forbes contributor.

  • Actually there are two methods. First of them is making acquaintance with some Forbes editor who will then let you come in and be a member of Forbes contributors’ community.
  • If this does not work, you can still submit a complete article or post via email. Just make sure that content is original, free of plagiarism, 100{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} proofread and edited and definitely it must have something that Forbes is looking for.

You need to email your masterpiece at [email protected]

  • Get it Done by Some Link Outreach Service


If friends, acquaintances and you cannot get two valuable backlinks for your blog, you better trust it to experts.

A blogger outreach service like Globex Outreach or Outreach Mama etc. can definitely do it much better for you.

They have links with Forbes, HuffPost and Inc. etc. contributors and editors and they can easily get you hooked up.


This is a costly way to get backlinks. A do-follow backlink from a website like Forbes or Huffington Post will cost you anything north of $1,000.

This means that if in near future editors of any of the magazine find out that the whole post was written to give a backlink to a business and the contributor charged for this, not only they will not let that contributor write any more opinion piece on their website, but you will also lose that precious link (and $1,000+) as well.


The best way to avoid this unpleasant surprise is to choose an outreach link building service that knows its stuff. You need people who know how to publish a link to your website without alarming the editors at Forbes or Huffpost.

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