How to Personalize Automated Review Requests

by Sachin

Reviews and testimonials offer your company authority and help prospective customers to be more confident in you. Online reviews can assist in boosting your reputation and marketing your brand. Both are important to a productive, business-increasing online space. However, getting reviews over the years has been challenging for many business owners. The reason is that many companies lack the chance to set aside time in promoting and setting up feedback or review collection campaigns.

This article will show you how to automate the process, so grab a seat and read how to automatically collect recommendations, and reviews and get praises from satisfied customers non-stop.

  • Make a Landing Page

With an automated review collection campaign, customers should be able to note and submit reviews without your assistance. The best way to achieve this is through devoted configuration and a landing page from your network. This grants you the chance to offer clear instructions to customers concerning what you’d want them to do, including particular questions they should answer and whether or not they’ll get a prize for submitting their reviews. It also lets you produce an easy and customized URL where customers get to post their testimonials anywhere and through any device.

In regards to the above, offering customers the freedom to submit their testimonials or reviews during their own time makes customers more comfortable submitting feedback on your website. While it would prevent the process from being fully automated, you do have the option of accepting or rejecting customers’ feedback before sharing them on your social platforms and website. Be wary of rejecting all negative customer feedback, as it may make you seem less trustworthy to only have 5-star, rave reviews.

  • Automatically Requesting Customer Feedback

If customers are unaware that you’re looking for their reviews, chances are you won’t get them, regardless of how many devoted fans you may have. You should reach out to your customers via social media platforms, emails, in person, or any other methods you can come up with to advance your feedback exercise. Automating your review collection won’t require much maintenance with everything in place.

There are some methods that you can use to acquire your reviews, and some of the most effective include;

  • Email Drip

One of the safest and easiest ways to automate requests for feedback is via email. You can use email automation software to make a series of emails asking your customers for their recommendations.

  • Social Platforms

Social media platforms can be used to send automated feedback requests in response to practical mentions or direct messages.

  • Thank Loyal Customers

Talk to your long-time customers, either through email or your business website. This is also a fantastic time to ask for their reviews through feedback or online review.

  • Automated Posting of Customer Feedback on Your Network

Once you begin to collect customer feedback and reviews, you’ll require a way to get them posted on your network or social platforms so that customers can view them. While it’s possible to computerize the display of reviews, we recommend assessing and approving recommendations before they’re issued.

Automated posting is also an efficient step in streamlining your feedback and review collection process; it can assist in ensuring that most of your recent reviews are always visible to prospective customers.

  • Set in Motion Your Recommendation Automation

With your landing page, automated requests, and feedback showcase process in place, you’re required to switch everything on and observe recommendations and reviews roll in. It’s advisable to check-in and ensure that everything’s working. Put aside a few minutes each day and check to see the feedback you’ve collected, accept or reject them and improve your campaign. When you’ve got a good collection of feedback, use them creatively. Post and repost customer feedback in your social network ads, brochures, and commercial advertisements. However, it’s good to remember to do so only if you’ve got your customer’s consent.


Your network’s dashboard can send review requests automatically to customers. This is an exceptional method to improve your ratings and acquire valuable feedback for your company. As a business owner, you can use the review engine because it will enable you to monitor email performance and the number of customer clicks per link.

Lastly, are there other methods of personalizing the automated review requests that have worked well for you? Please share with us by leaving your comments below.

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Christine James believes that every customer has a voice. She is the Community Manager at (a customer complaints website) and loves talking to customers on social media about their challenges with Fortune 500 companies. Her work has been published on Huffington Post, Inc., SocialMediaToday, and Thought Catalog. Follow her on Twitter @hissingkittycom.

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