How To Remove Watermark From A Video

by Sachin

In certain situations, watermarks can interfere with the good visibility of crucial information in a video. For this purpose, there are many choices to remove watermark from videos which you can use to delete the branding from the frame.

It could be a reasonable possible option to delete all watermark information from your film footage depending on how you intend to go through it. There seems to be no clear law on watermarking clips, which would be the main thing that gives you freedom. However, it will be necessary to ensure that you do not violate licensing agreements, legislation, and standards.

In this article, we have discussed how to remove watermarks from videos by using online software and tools. Keep scrolling to know more.

Method 1. Remove watermark from videos without downloading software 

If the logo only exists in a specific section of the clip, you should use free Video watermark Remover online to erase the unwanted portion of the file. This is an efficient watermark remover designed specifically to erase watermarks from video content.

This online tool supports different directory templates like M4V, 3GP, HTML5 etc. It’s an automatic watermark remover that ensures you wouldn’t have to make any extra measures and you wouldn’t have to reveal your Photoshop skills for removing logos. This requires a quick method that can also be used by new learners who do not have a lot of video editing experience.

Steps to remove watermark

Step 1: Visit the official site

Open the official website of this tool in your web browser: Select “Chose File” for uploading the video content with a watermark.

Step 2: Delete the watermark

After uploading the video, select the “remove watermark” button. The process of watermark removal will start automatically. It may take a couple of minutes and the large-sized files take more time.

Step 3: Save the new video

You will see a notification after the process’s completion. The new video can be downloaded on your device. Enjoy the video without a watermark.

Method 2. Remove Watermark from Video via video editing software – iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is among the most powerful video processing applications. It can also be used for removing a watermark from online videos. This tool completely removes the logo so you can enjoy the video content without any watermark. 

iMyFone Filme is also regarded as the best video editing software Windows 10 for newbies and beginners.
This tool can be considered a stepping point for skilled film editors. This tool is perfect to use for cropping or overlaying the video content.

How to remove Watermark by using iMyFone Filme?

Method 1: Remove video watermark via cropping

  1. Open the main screen and choose the video
  2. Open the toolbox and select the “Crop” button. The displayed window will be opened.

  3. Start the cropping process by selecting any corner of the video. This method allows you to crop any section of the video.

  4. The ratio options will appear on the bottom left side of the main page. You can also crop the videos by using these ratios. 
  5. Click on the “OK” button to finish the process. 

Remove video watermark via replacing

This process is simple and easy. You can include any image as an overlay to replace the watermark. Follow the given steps to remove the watermark via overlaying.

  1. Select the image and add it to your video content.
  2. Change the total duration of your clip by increasing or decreasing it.

  3. The image can be added to any part of the video. Add the selected image on your track.
  4. Use different options to rotate and resize the added image without altering the crop ratio.

Features of iMyFone Filme

  • This tool if offering 2 different ways of removing a watermark from videos. One method is by cropping the video and the second method involves overlaying the video content with an image.
  • This is an easy-to-use tool that can also be used by beginners or newbies.
  • This video editing tool offers a wide range of exciting features including joining, splitting, trimming, and altering the speed of your videos.
  • A 1-month license code is available without any charges. Use all the functions of Filme for free.  

Price Plan of iMyFone Filme

Three price plans are available and you can select the right one based on your personal preferences and requirements.

1 -Month Plan

Available in $19.95

1 PC allowed

1 -Year Plan

Available in $29.95

1 PC allowed

Lifetime Plan

Available in $59.95

1 PC allowed


iMyFone Filme has huge benefits and a wide range of exciting features. iMyFone Filme would also enable you to make clips from photographs with songs and effects so that you can upload your experiences with others.  The interface is simple to use, meaning that those with minimal expertise in video processing can easily finish their tasks.

Please keep in mind that often a watermark on a clip means that the creator decided to restrict their video from being downloaded, manipulated, and circulated. We should not, of course, advocate deleting watermark information from clips that are entitled to a patent unless you are the legal owner or you agree that they do not infringe the property of the actual content owner.

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